Original Character Arena OR.C.A.



Lol whatever floats your boat just remember you’ll be up against some fairly powerful peeps but don’t bring in the cosmic stuff just yet xD


Arw we going to have set power levels and themes for the rounds?


No themes but the power level will be fairly high.

If you can flatten a city or mess up a large mountain you’re golden lol


Well I guess I’ll wait until u post as to what kind of battlefield it is…:thinking:


I’ll have to dip into the immortal world to get a character as powerful as this… I wonder who I should enter…


Well the battle field depends ENTIRELY on what wins the play style lol

@Oblivionyx Technically you don’t I can help you out with anyone lol remember one of the rules is you got access to me to add or modify your peeps ^-^


I have a few questions:

  1. Is there any barring for a character? (Like being too based off another or a fanfic character?)

  2. Does the character have to be from a current work on this site?

  3. Are there any mechanics that could be considered barred? (Like certain abilities requirements you wouldn’t see the person use outside their own world?


Maybe I should enter the Guardian of the Sun. oUo

Nah she’ll just roast everyone.


1.) So long as they are your own character you’re all good.

2.) Nope it could be from something private to something you’re expecting to work on or whatever.

3.) You mean like an ability that is 100% totally unique to them? Or something that requires super specific circumstances?


Lol submit whoever you want my dude it’ll be fun!


An ability based on a certain environment. Like say, being faster under water and whatnot. Would this be like a battle in some basic place with no buffs or areas of environment certain characters could take advantage or disadvantage from?


The battlegrounds will depend on the play style that’s chosen by the players. But abilities that are environment based are totally cool.


@VrayZrone Also I should ask you lol.

Should I add you to the list as a participant?


Sure, I’d be happy to participate. Currently working on that form you gave.


Alrighty you’re all set


I have a good character idea…
She’s a badass.


Lol well I look forward to hearing about them


Okay SO I’ll be closing the voting poll in about… we’ll say about 12 hours. So if you didn’t vote yet you’d better hurry up and cast your vote on what kind of round we’ll have!

If you need to know where the voting box is as well as the descriptions for what you’re voting for I’ll just post the link here.

tags all current players

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Alright so… can set-korim play here aha? YAAAAAASSSSS


Bring whoever you want babe but also be sure to vote for the play style :3

From what I gather some people are leaning towards the tournament style :slight_smile: