Original Character Arena (ORCA) Second Round!


Hello and welcome to ORCA!

As the name suggests this is something known as a Battle Thread where your characters will be pitted against one another in… would I get copyrighted for saying mortal combat? Anywho, the way this works is you, the writer submits an original character with details on how they work and we’ll pit them against another hopefully equally matched opponent. OR you can challenge another player that just so happens to be in the round.

The winner will be decided by a thorough analysis of the two participants after going over them, but also by listening to the debates held by the creators. After all, no one knows the characters more than the one who made them!

You’ll do this by engaging in a debate with whomsoever you’re paired with (or challenge). The pair of you will go over the scenarios yourselves in order to give the best idea as to how you believe the battle will go. HOWEVER, remember that the Host will be the one to decide the outcome. UNLESS the Host is a participant at which point the decision will be left to another.

What that means is that the Host, or the person leading the round and inevitably writing out the contest, will be the one who ultimately decides the victor. Please do try to respect the Host’s decision as they will no doubt try to be as fair as possible when they reveal the result. You may challenge the result of course though keep in mind if the challenge doesn’t result in a change in winners it must be respected.

As for our set up here… It’s a work in progress, Jay your first Host, is still working out the kinks of this thread and the first (and likely only) round will likely not be quite as fluid as it should be.

Purpose of ORCA
The reason I’m starting this thread is really quite simple. I was bored and wanted a chance to flex my writing muscles by giving a shot at writing someone else’s characters. I want this thread to achieve three things:

1) Writers to build a deeper connection to their characters.
2) For others to have the chance to improve their own writing skills.
3) And for people in similar genre’s to make some new friends.

In short, I just want to have fun in a way that hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy. I don’t claim to be the best writer I’m sure my grammar and punctuation has made at least one of you cringe so far. That’s not the point though. I just want something to keep me occupied really. If this works out awesome! If not well I gave it the good old college try.

Suppose I should get on with the rules and mechanics huh?
Well first off you as the writer will need a way to submit your characters. For that I recommend using a Google Doc as it’s just easier for both the Host and your opponent to access. As for what you’ll be putting on that Google Doc I suggest the template that will be provided after the intro that I totally didn’t steal from anyone… If you’ve been in a Battle Thread before I’m sure you know what to do, the template is really only here for beginners. We all have our own ways of doing things after all and I’d rather not tell people that one way is the ONLY way.

With that being said I hope you all enjoy your time here with ORCA. I mean that with the utmost sincerity because in truth I don’t intend for this to be around for very long. As I said I’m doing this out of boredom, however if it catches on we’ll see how it goes…

As for the actual style of the match-ups:
• As stated above the players will all engage in debates over their character’s abilities and plead their case to the Host as to why they believe their character will win.

• When a Winner is decided they will move on to the “Winners bracket” while the “Loser” will go on to a second bracket. From there each bracket will engage in two separate but very much connected activities.

• Type of play style is player selected. We have either a Boss System where the winners and losers of the battle rounds will likely work together to defeat a big bad boss. Or a Tournament round where you’ll all duke it out to decide a “Grand Champion of ORCA.”

• Boss System will see the “losers” help but not be directly involved in the final battle unless good reasons are given. (Pro being there’ll be a story, Con significantly less screen time for all.)

• Tournament will be double elimination, meaning you can only lose once. If you lose twice you’re out of the tournament but not entirely out of the round. (Pro being longer play time, Con being almost no story)

• In the final part of the round all “losers” will indeed have a large contribution to the end regardless of the selected route.

• Lastly in both forms of the round, each player will be awarded ORCA Coins. The coins can be used to bet on results of the battles going on, however, they are completely superficial and have nothing to do with game play. It just offers some incentive to read all the forms and it’s a nice way to interact with people.

Previous ORCA Round (Incompleted due to Scheduling Conflicts): Original Character Arena OR.C.A.
Our Current Round is a Tournament style round. See description here: (No Round Chosen Yet)
Our current roster of players can be found right here: (No Players Yet)
Our unofficial chat thread can be found here: (Not done yet)

Below you’ll find the totally original NOT taken from another thread template

Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)

Appearance: (What do they look like?)

Personality: (Just tell us how in the world they act)

Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Base Stats: (Natural stats of your characters without their power, which mean, their durability without their protective spells, their base strength and speed. In general, unless stated in here, we’ll assume the physique of your character is normal human being, not superhuman)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armor and ability)

Equipment: (Anything other than weaponry, unless if their equipment is their weapons, then both section can be merged. This section is NOT for describing the fashion of your characters, that will go to their appearance section)

Ability: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers. Please be as detailed as possible so that there’s no confusion.)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)

Preferred Fighting Terrain: (Optional but it really helps to know this)

Wish: (The Host is a character that resides over ORCA. He’s offering your character a wish. It could be anything really but it has to be something that will motivate them to fight.)

Here’s a simple step by step walkthrough on sharing your Gdoc and making sure others can read it:

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So here’s the links to the previous fights of ORCA Round 1.


  • Do keep in mind this isn’t a Role Playing Game, this is more like a debate thread with our original characters. Please don’t violate any of Wattpad’s rules or regulations which I’m happy to provide for you here! Club Guidelines :blush:
  • Keep in mind for this (most likely) one time thing I’m hoping to get some fairly powerful people. If you don’t think your characters are on the same level have no fear that’s what the Host (aka me) is here for! I’ll personally work with each and every player to ensure they’re all at least comparable to each other. Just try not to give me an encyclopedia to sift through deal?
  • Remember I might play as well but I won’t be the one in charge of my battle so no worries about me rigging the game. Also if I claim to like a character a lot don’t be discouraged because I’ll more than likely be a lot tougher on them.
  • Technically speaking there’ll be someone with the title of “Grand Champion” but remember this is all in good fun and to help us action/fantasy writers get a better grasp on our own characters. So PLAY NICE and don’t be a bully! Negativity will not be tolerated here in the thread or by Wattpad I’m sure.
  • Style of the round will be PLAYER VOTED. I’ll just work off of whatever the players wanna do.
  • And remember, the ORCA coins hold absolutely NO WEIGHT over the round’s outcome.
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Suppose I should make the voting poll now huh?

As suggested by a player I’ll just explain what these two options are.

Boss System: Here we will have exactly one battle round between all the players where you will fight against each other. The Winners of said round will go on to fight a Boss character which, as a boss, will have abilities and stats that surpass everyone here individually. The key here is to work together so if we do a Boss System I recommend reading over at least the personalities and abilities of your teammates.

The “Losers” of the match will be gathered together and will be off on their own little quest which will help the other group defeat the boss. Or you may even have a chance to come in and kill the boss yourselves all depends on the scenarios that happen.
All in all it will be shorter but you’ll all get a bit of screen time.

Tournament: Is exactly what it sounds like. There will be a non-story driven tournament between the players which will have a winner and loser. The Winners will advance in their bracket and the losers will be moved to the Second Chance bracket. This is a double elimination tournament, so you’re allowed to lose ONCE after that if you lose you’re out of the tournament. There you will make your way up to the top of the loser’s bracket up until the finals.

During the Finals of the Winner’s Bracket it is single elimination because the winner of the Loser’s Bracket will compete with the top dog of the Winner’s Bracket. However, a quirk that I’ll be adding is with every victory you earn in the battle you’re allowed to add one new ability or stat buff IF YOU WANT TO. These buffs cannot be anything unreasonable, like saying you want to go from lifting a truck to being able to lift a mountain. No no giant leaps in power like that.

The reason for these power-ups is because I want you all to be strategical in your characters because you never know who you’ll face next and one power-up could be either really good against an opponent or it could be totally useless. Plus it’ll keep it interesting between all of you.

The Final match as I said will be between the Top Dog of the Winner’s Bracket and the Winner of the Loser’s Bracket. This is a winner take all match up, there will be no rematch. Those who aren’t involved in the final match will also have ways to interfere as well so no worries on that.

So not everyone will get the same amount of screen time based on the format that’s just not realistically possible. BUT the round will be quite a bit longer and will be able to ramp up the scale of it all come the final battle.

  • Tournament
  • Boss System

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Power Level Post:

This is just so that you’ll have something to work with as an example for the power levels of your character.

  • Low: More competent than a normal human, think about knocking over a few trees
  • Average: Super humans, basically you should only be able to destroy a building.
  • High: This is where we’re getting into the people that can wipe out a city on their own.
  • Very High: The maximum amount of damage done would be the destruction of a mountain.
  • SUPER: Eff it, Bye-bye Planet!
  • Supreme: Anything goes.

This will be voted on by the players of course, so feel free to cast your vote on the most desired level.

  • Low
  • Average
  • High
  • Very High
  • Super
  • Ultimate
  • Supreme

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Now time for the tag list!

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If anyone pops in and would like to be added to the list just let me know and I’ll be happy to add you to our roster.


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