Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



hey, i had to find translation to what you said :slight_smile: thanks btw


I just have no one to talk about common interests and just the responsibility of being an adult and being with adults.

Nothing too paralyzing, though. :slight_smile:


Totally agree with that.


You do you, fam.

It’s your story, your freedom and all.


I take random, temporary jobs. But, if things go to plan, I’ll be running my own business in roughly two years.


I’m an elite assassin.


how old are you btw?


what kind of business?


for real?


Bluntly put, a storage facility. Already have the land and basic blueprints plotted out, but I have to wait until I get this fixer-upper house sold so there’s money to get everything built.


storage facility for what exactly?


Double twos


Standard storage. There’d be the main building with basic storage units along small ones (I can’t think of the name for them but they’re like closets in size?) and a large empty area for parking of boats, RVs, mobile homes, other vehicles, and stuff like that.


Yep. Don’t report me.


oh… you’re young… but old enough :wink:


Yeah :slight_smile:


busy with SFs?


Nothing, it just made me laugh. Reminded me of a coworker who couldn’t look at food menus the same way again because of SFs. I don’t know if what you are talking about is what I think it is, but I’m kinda lucky not to deal with that for now. But some students are a handful.

I’m trying to work on my paper and I don’t think my progress is significant enough.


hahaha school forms right? anyway forget about it if it’s stressful


I am a high school student still haha and am hoping to publish some short stories and even a novel on here soon (I have already uploaded some poetry) :slight_smile: