Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



Absolutely and it allows me to explore my passion for writing


Stock Control and Planning Coordinator and yes it’s as lame as it sound but I like it.


At the moment, I’m a temp secretary waiting for the opportunity to become a full-time employee.


Thanks :slight_smile: me too! I’ve been building it for the last 6 years and it’s great to be working with a lot of fantastic authors.


Merhaba sayın candyman , Çalışmalarınızda başarılar dilerim. Dijital konusunu asistanıma soracağım, teknik konularda fazla bilgim yok. Şu an itibarıyla hikaye ve şiirler yazıyorum. Siz nereli siniz? Görüşmek üzere…


Time is really precious nowadays… glad you have it


Nice to know


No matter how lame it sounds whats important is you love doing it :slight_smile:


There’s always something good for those who wait :wink:


I’m studying business, currently doing my BBA.


BBA is??


I’m a hypnotherapist. This year I’m also doing a couple of after prom hypnosis shows.


Size zahmet verdiğim için üzgünüm, bazen İngilizce yazmaya çalışacağım. NicaZakarias hanım siz ne iş yapıyorsunuz.? What’s your job. I am sorry.


Yep. One of the rules of life, second is to leave the world a better place than how you found it.


Jailor, not easy, but you know, not eveyone would do it.


Isn’t that the story of modern day life?

Seriously, even with my own business, it’s hard to find the time. I find the only time to write is around midnight to 2AM! Luckily, I get to sleep in because of my short “commute” (only twenty steps from my bed to my desk :).


A Bachelor of Business Administration


Some are wonderful … Some need a lot of love … Some need discipline

And I need Ibuprofen daily. :rofl:


wow… interesting job


yep i can only understand english and my language sorry… I am a nurse