Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



I think, as long as I have my cool hat my cover is good… and thank you for your cooperation ma’am… country owes you one… one free pass at D.Q that is hahaha


yea… lucky are those people who likes math…


DQ? dairy queen? haha


merhabalar efendim


Hello, how do you do?


I work as an intern at a fashion retail business. Basically, I run errands for my snappy boss.


your job sounds like that movie " Proposal" hehe


wow fashion… i love fashion


Welp, it’s midnight again (where I’m at)! Time to get started writing! :slight_smile:


oh?? wer r u from? it’s 3 pm here


Pacific Coast USA!


i see… well have fun writing…


Thank you! I’m on my first edit after the first draft.
The first draft took from March of 2018 until December 2018.
I’ve been working on the first pass edit since after Christmas December 2018 until now and it’s still going on! :stuck_out_tongue:
Now it’s been over 1 year since I started writing and still not done yet!!!

Well, I guess the good news is that I don’t have carpal tunnel yet. If I really had the time to write all day, I think I’d have carpal tunnel by now. (Bleah.)


I think I have a carpal tunnel syndrome and with me only having to stay in front of a computer for a day ahaha


Didn’t you say you were a nurse?
Over here, nurses work three 12-hour shifts and then get 3 days off. I suppose if I had 3 days off each week, there should be time to write, you think?


I am a school nurse actually so I’ve got more time


Oh, that’s right! I missed that part (school nurse) but now I remember reading it earlier. Your day should be almost over then? School here let’s out at 2:30 PM typically.


yea… your school time there is shorter… we have longer hours
7:30-12:00 AM then 1:00-5:00 PM


Really? I need to check “Proposal” out then! Is it a movie? Show? Book?


Don’t we most?!