Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



I work at a hardware supplier as the inventory control person


Some of you have such cool jobs!! I work in Retail/Administration. But sometimes also travel to Thailand and teach English :slight_smile:


Apparently I didn’t answer this: I don’t have a day job in terms of gainful income. I pass the time with Artificial Intelligence development, and studying code breaking/making.


Nice. My husband used to work in a hardware as a sales agent.


Cool… id love to travel out of the country sometime. Its


Cool… id love to travel out of the country too but cant hahaha


If it pays the bill then its good :slight_smile:


I’m a freelance theatre technician. I work with companies as well with theatres.


So you can watch plays for free? How cool


For me it is just my Senior year of High School. My classes aren’t too bad this semester so I just spend a lot of my in-class time writing.


Thanks, NicaZacarias. Something I realized long ago. It doesn’t have to be big and loud. Even cheering up a sad friend is part of it - you’ve invested time, empathy, and genuine care.


I’m a… maid cafe waitress… as well as a very much busy student and concertmaster, but that doesn’t countXD


Oh, sorry, forgot about the main topic.

I work in a law firm. I write part-time (Free serialized stories and self-publishing) as a hobby. Have a few books on Amazon. Still a newbie independent writer - only sixteen months since I published my first book.


Thats right


Yep. Not all of them of course. Sometimes I see the same one over 60 times when I do lights haha.


Is it stressful to be in a law firm? Because at point in my life I wanted to be a lawyer


But still… so cool


Maid cafe waitress! Love it… like in Maid Sama?


Sort of haha It’s never a boring job XD


I’m the ticketing and sales manager for a regional theatre in the UK :tickets::tickets::tickets:

It’s a pretty cool job but I’ve been stressed at work lately so haven’t written in a few months :grimacing: opened my manuscript today…we’ll see if I write