Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



I’m a children’s nurse and am currently doing a masters degree to become a Health Visitor (which if you’re not in the UK, is a public health nurse who works with new mums and babies in the community). Wattpad is a little secret in my ‘real’ life!


Im a calligrapher and kind of an artist…it feels weird to say that, though!


Very. :grinning: A lawyer once told me that they’re faced with three adversaries - the opposing side, the court, and their client.

The problem with that practice is that at its core, it is an adversarial one. Unless an amicable settlement is reached, somebody is bound to lose (not the lawyers, they get paid). But even in amicable settlements, considering it is a compromise, there’s still some lingering bad blood.

And that adversarial characteristic trickles down and affects the staff. One reason I took up writing as stress relief, not knowing it to be a source of stress too. :sweat_smile:


I’m a GIS Technician on paper, but in reality I’m the entire division in my company. For those that don’t know, GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. It’s used in ever industry and the easiest explanation is that line on Google maps that tells you where to go from point A to B is a function of GIS.


I bet its super fun


Cool another theater job… its nice to escape reality sometimes by writing


Wow! A fellow nurse! I have been a public health nurse for 5 years before becoming a school nurse. I miss those days honestly… it has more action and the feeling of helping the community is really overwhelming. It humbles the soul


I am jealous of people who writes so legibly and so artistic


Stress is everywhere. It goes down to how we can cope with it.


Nice… your work helps a lot.


Alors, en français, je suis retraité de la fonction publique en tant qu’infirmier spécialisé, je “tentais” de soigner les toxicomanes de Rennes, pendant 36 ans. J’ai trouvé un petit boulot de livreur d’instruments de musique pour arrondir ma retraite de misère, je fais beaucoup de voile, au large, en solo, en régate, de la photo, lectures, livres, hebdo CI. Je me suis récemment lancer dans la rédaction en mode brouillon, des diverses péripéties de mon parcours. J’ai 65 &+ comme on dit, divorcé, deux enfants, deux petits enfants. Malgré mon grand âge, je fais aussi beaucoup de sport, en salle, VTT. J’écris j’en prends le temps, & quand les idées se bousculent, pour mettre un peu d’ordre…


Nice to have a fellow nurse here… sorry I had to use google to translate what you said… i dont really know how to speak french :slight_smile: but i would love to learn. You have done amazing things from what you have said. Its good that you still write


Oh, don’t get me wrong! My handwriting isn’t nearly what it could be. Somehow it doesn’t translate to calligraphy haha. Odd isn’t that?


Odd handwriting can be a calligraphy right? Maybe mine’s not that bad haha


Ah that’s so cool! I tend to think of myself as being ‘old’ for Wattpad (even though I’m only 25!) so just assume most people are younger than me and still studying. I have previously only worked in chaotic busy hospital wards so it’s so nice working at a slower pace in the community and as a bonus, no night shifts!


It can be… it’s a very unique serving style XD It can get tiring running around like crazy, but that’s in every job:P It’ll be way more crazy when I become a doctor in (dang) 8-10 years…


Rancher! I raise boer goats and beef cattle. I write in my free time.


Holla, one of my people! Are you working any shows atm? What’s your main area of interest in tech?


Haha there’s hope for us all!


Hi. There are so many interesting jobs on here. I am the manager and lead designer for a flower shop.