Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



I am even older than you are haha


Whoa a doctor? Very nice


I love flowers… whats your fave?


Nice… so you always have fresh milk!?


Thanks! Though I’m a bit disappointed that I’ll reach that career when I’m nearly 30 haha Then again, I wouldn’t trust a doctor with not enough experience.


I prefer lighting but can do other things as well. Just don’t ask me to mix a band haha.

I just finished travelling with an opera company and I’m currently alternating between working in a concerthall and a travelling with a music/theatre production pls some minor things in between.

And you? Do you work in one place or with a company as well?


I wish lol they’re meat breeds so they don’t produce as much milk as a milk breed would. But you do have to know how to milk them, just in case!


Tulips! I have several cases around my house right now. How about you?


I’m a Librarian. :blush:


yes, what’s important is you finished it and it is your passion


oh… haha i dont know much about these things


hmm… cliche but roses


never ending books… :slight_smile:


Cliche for a reason. They are beautiful and smell great.


because my husband always gives me roses on our anniversary and valentines day :slight_smile:


That’s sweet. You are a lucky lady! Doing what I do, I never get flowers from my husband! I guess he thinks I see enough of them at work?


hahaha yea maybe but he can give you chocolates right? or anything that’s sweet haha


Oh yeah, he tries other things. I love white chocolate. He usually gets that. Maybe I am crazy, but there is just something about getting flowers. But he does try, so I can’t be too upset.


Yea flowers are so meaningful… even the colors of roses have meaning… am i right?


Yep. I actually have a chart up in the shop for customers. Most people don’t know or care the meanings, but, yes, the different colors are supposed to signify different things.