Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



what about tulips? what does it mean?


Hmmm…to my knowledge, they don’t really have a meaning. I associate them with spring and see them as cheerful and fresh.
Interesting question. I may have to look into the meaning of more flowers.


where are you from? just curious


I live outside Philadelphia


A student in University and its so Hectic😩


what course?


I go to school and its the worst


what grade are you?




ahh… is it exams?


Yeah next term and I’m so scared


don’t be… you just need time management and focus :wink:

trust me… there are more things to be more scared of… just do your best and you will realize it’s already done


I’m literally the worst at both of those things, but I’ll try :joy:


I’m just a uni student, its kind of stressful.


I’m a community college student taking a 1 year business program. I’ve been to college before (about 6 or 7 years ago now) for a game design program but I didn’t really like working in IT.

My day job before coming back to school was at a game quality assurance lab. It was beyond miserable.


Yes, its really stressful. Have some breather


Its nice that you still wanted to pursue your education


I wish I could, but I’m at that point in the semester where I have so much going on with assignments and stuff so its a little hard. Although I guess I cant really complain because I’m doing a joint honours so I don’t have the same workload as some of my mates


Ah cool! When I dabble in tech lighting is usually where I end up. My theatre is about to get a whole new all LED rig which is exciting.

I’m the sales manager for a 1000 seater in the UK, we mainly receive tours off the west end but we get a lot of tribute acts and comedians as well, a few local productions a year. It’s nice working for one theatre, my history is a in playwrighting so I’m used to working in lots of different spaces.


Wow…just dont stress too much. Everything you are doing now you will reap it in the future