Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



I’m a full time office-worker!
I work for a Asian Travel Agency.

It’s nice because on my slow periods I can write or read - however…
I work in corporate travel - which is always going somewhere. It can be very busy at times.~

Despite the small pay, I still like it. My coworkers are supportive and kind and keep me going.


cool… so you get discounts on tours?or travels?


I know how to book them and I can see pricing and such! Nothing major though! XD (I wish)


very cool… :slight_smile:


I’m a television editor by day–promo videos, motion graphics … that kinda thing. I get up early in order to get in a couple of hours writing before work starts.


very good time management


I’m a college junior, and I do freelance article writing and editing.


oohhh, an editor!


I’m a full-time student and I work in the Youth Services department of a library where I spend most of my time either helping patrons, cleaning shelves, or doing whatever else I might be told to do on a given day. Which can get a little strange.


for everything but my own books haha


nice…what are you studying?


i do need help on my writing… I stopped because I felt I was not doing it right anymore


that’s always been my biggest problem too. In fact, I stopped writing for over 5 years because of it. You just got to learn to write what you want how you want and let the people come to you


(takes in a deep breath)

I’m an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing and I’m also pursing studies in the Humanities for Ancient and Medieval Studies for a closer look in the mythology and culture of Ancient Greece and other ancient cultures.


i hope it’s that easy but people have seen so much… and me too I have read so much…and even if i tried I felt it will never be good enough… (i am a downer right now)


I liked reading myths and legends… i have read a book on greek mythology once


happens to the best of us! just know that i support you ok? :smile:


hey…thanks :slight_smile:


Please write. Not for others, but for yourself. Imagination is a powerful thing. This comment is for MissyFloral13 too.


I have a six book series out already on Amazon (Book Six on pre-order). Had their day in the sun as bestsellers once upon a time. Epic fantasy with a lot of mythology and legends. But I hesitate to post the title. I don’t think it’s allowed in this thread.