Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



Thanks… i needed to be reminded sometimes. Good for you. You have already accomplished some of us wanted to do. I really wish I can be like that someday.


You need to take the first step, which is to write a story and finish it. That’s all. Please note I said story, not book. In the end, they are stories - which you might want to share with others.

I started just sixteen months ago. And wrote for free. Even up to now. Beta chapters of my stories are offered on a free serialized website. I just returned to WP.


I completed a book. This is my 2nd one but its a new genre that is why I am having a hard time dealing with it


That sounds like a great degree to be studying! I wish I had pursued those kind of studies when I left school, but there were no jobs I could use them for that I wanted to do :frowning:


I am a comic book illustrator, comic writer, web designer, voice director, animation director, voice caster, pinup artist, character designer, painter, 3d sculptor, and probably a lot of other things. I make money doing any random one of these things, I’m not even sure what my official job title would be. Book author is just the newest one.


That said… you are one hell of a talented person


I never specified how good I was at any given one of them :joy: but thank you. I guess being able to do some of them in general is out of the ordinary.


it really is


I’m in social work. I actually really have to remind myself when I’m writing that I’m not writing my case notes. It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes.


What case do you find it you having more attachment to?


Could you explain what you mean? Like, the style of writing, or my case load in general?


I’m a teacher. English to be more precise… OK I teach Fundamentals of Reading to struggling 9th graders if you want to get that technical. And yes I love my job even when they make me nuts.


Your cases as a social worker


Cool. Im glad you love it thats what important


I find I get attached to those kids/adults who have been through some pretty traumatic stuff.
I also really love watching them make progress (even though I may have dragged them tooth and nail to do it).
Also, my coworkers are pretty awesome. So, I have a good support team to vent to.


I see. It’s very hard to see children suffer those things. Its like their childhood innocence was taken away from them.


Yep. I work with far to many people who grew old before their time.


Their world changed and it affects their way of thinking. It scarred them for life


A lot of times, yes. Then you get some really resilient little guys. It amazes me what they can go through and still manage to come out mostly alright. Its also usually the ones who have been through the worse stuff that are usually either the most alright or the most traumatized. I’ve seen very little in between with those.
It’s the ones whose circumstances aren’t all that rough (in comparison), but not all that great that I really keep my eyes on. Cause their issues show up in really unexpected ways.


Its amazing how an individual as young as them could cope with these situations. Even adults find it hard to do.