Other than being a Wattpad writer what's your day job?



It really is.


I love the two social workers we have at our school. They are really good.


They are some great people. The one’s I’ve worked with are fantastic at engaging my families (or trying to anyways, my truant families aren’t always receptive) and getting them educational supports that they need. Some of them have also become really good sounding boards for some of the kids I work with.


You’re probably not going to believe me, but that was the time in my life when I actually had the MOST freedom and spare time to myself (other than before I went to kindergarten of course :slight_smile: ).


Whoa! Maid café waitress for real???
In the back of my mind, I’ve thought of writing a story about someone like that.
You probably have enough material to make a book about it!


Yeah:D I’ve been a maid cafe waitress for a bit over a year now:)
I bet that would be cool!
I probably doXD


BlockquoteYeah:D I’ve been a maid cafe waitress for a bit over a year now:)

Oh, questions I’ve always wanted to ask!

Do you get paid mostly from the hourly rate or from tips?

I know it’s all supposed to be an act, but you wouldn’t still be doing it if you didn’t like it at least a little bit, right? Are there people who actually like being a maid café waitress or is that everyone just tolerates it until they can move on to something better?

I hope I’m not imposing, but these are questions I’ve always wondered about.


It depends on the day really:) Our wages aren’t that bad for the job we have. And haha your tips(the amount) might just depend on your popularity, if someone comes often. If not, it spreads out rather evenly.

I don’t mind it too much haha I can’t speak for the other girls, but I love serving people! Yes, it’s a temporary job until I get into med school, but there are so many other jobs less preferable. I’m a very shy introvert, so it can be draining, but as long as I know I’m making my patrons happy, I’m good.

And I’d say that it’s the same for at least a couple of the other girls:)

Don’t worry about it:) I understand that it is a bit of an unusual job.


I’m a cook. I cook stuff. Usually tasty stuff


Cool job!