Other Than Grammarly, What Other Good Grammar Apps/Sites Exist?



I’ve been looking through my works lately and I seriously need some help with my grammar. A lot of stuff I use is repeated phrases, sentences, or using the past tense with present or future tense with past tense (if you get what I mean).

I know Grammarly is a pretty well known feature, but it does cost money (which I don’t have). Any other alternative suggestions, be it websites or apps, that exist and can help me out with improving in my grammar?


Free or not?

Prowritingaid is a great one for that, but I think without paying you can only do 1k words at a time.


I think it’s only 500 actually. It’s been a while since I used the free one. I bought the word add on and it was great.

I only didn’t renew it because I’m not sure I’m going to publish. If I’m not going to publish then for me it’s not worth having but I did find it to be a great help in trying to clean up my work so definitely recomend it.


The best way to progress is to learn grammar yourself, to such a level that it’s second nature to you. I’ve got good grammar and spelling but haven’t always. I taught myself. I read as much as I could; high quality well written books by best selling authors, and the classics, and I learned the craft of writing.

Online grammar tools are better for those who already have a grasp of grammar but even then, nothing substitutes your own knowledge of pace, nuance and cadence. If you know that you’re repeating phrases or sentences, then find other ways to creatively write what you want to portray.

There’s a line in an ad for a popular grammar checker that says, “It’s like having your own personal proofreader."

Nothing could be further from the truth IMO. No machine can substitute for the human mind, its creativity and observation abilities to winkle out the subtleties and minutiae that makes up good writing.

You should be in control of it all.


Agree with the prowritingaid.com suggestion. This is great for all aspects of writing. You just choose the creative writing option and it shows you pronoun usage, repetitive words, words choices that could be improved, weak words used and all sorts of other things I can’t even remember.


Editsaurus. It points out commonly misused words (ex. to/too/two), adverbs (which can sometimes be replaced with stronger words), filler words (see adverbs), possible misuses of the passive voice, lexical illusions, and pronouns (so you can make sure there is a clear person the pronoun points back to). I always run my things through Word, then Grammerly, and finally Editsaurus before publishing.


scribens. absolute life-saver and free


It won’t check your work, but if you have a problem or question or doubt I suggest Grammar Girl.

Let’s say you don’t understand the difference between lie and lay. Simply Google (without the quotes) “grammar girl lie vs lay”.

Confused about writing dialogue? Google (without the quotes) “grammar girl punctuating dialogue”.


Rip, as a Grammarly user I highly recommend it once you can afford it.

Also, it is free – you just need to subscribe for extra, and more advanced features.


I use both Grammarly and ProWritingAid. I actually bought the lifetime plan with ProWritingAid when it was in sale. I love the repetitive word feature. It really helps to clean up my writing.


Pro writing aid, but it’s limited to 500 words, so what I normally do is paste in one page at a time.


On top of grammar and spell check, it tells your word count and let’s you know the reading level of your writing. If you write regularly, or for NaNoWriMo, you can also keep track of your writing progress. Other details include letting you know your keywords (words you use most in your writing), reading and speaking times.