over 35 - sharing books that are mature, but not erotica

I’m looking for stories that talk about adult life, not in a sexual way. :triangular_flag_on_post: Just to explain: I can’t handle very detailed sex depictions because I get triggered. I was sexually abused during childhood and still working on the trauma. So it’s ok if sex is a theme, as long as it doesn’t get detailed descriptions.

Something with real life struggles, social issues, mental health issues, questioning life, etc. Any genre is good, as long as it explores adult life issues and has some sort of deeper questioning of life.

Most of other books are teenager romance, or teenager situations that are not interesting for me.

I don’t know books to give as example, but in terms of TV shows, it would be “This is Us”, “Doctor Who”, “The Man in the High Castle”, " The X files", “The good doctor”, “His dark materials” and " Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events" (the main characters are children, but the themes are very deep and inquisitive).

I hope you get what I’m looking for. I wish that Wattpad launched Wattpad+35, a Wattpad for older writers. Anyway, that’s it :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you feel about LGBT?

I’m just gonna go ahead and toss this here, in case you’re okay with it.

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All characters are over 35 (except the sister she’s only 28).


Alex is a newly elected Attorney General with a secret (surprise, he’s Gay) and he’s trying to figure out how to deal with that while being the success his parents want him to be and that he craves. He looks mostly harmless, with a mop of curly blonde hair and a mass of laugh lines, but when it’s come to his career he’s always put his work first. He knows what he wants and he’ll even punish himself in order to get it.

On the other hand is Julian, a successful Chief of Staff who decided to put his heart first. It’s still worked out for him, he’s very happy at where he is in his career, and his life, married with two kids, and he’s never imagined hiding himself from the world or being someone else to get somewhere in life.

Julian is Alex’s weak spot and always has been, but will that weakness topple the empire he’s striving to build? Or will a chance meeting and a remembered spark just be allowed to go up in smoke?

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Hey! So my MCs in the book are 16-20 in that worlds years which means they are 21-27 in earth years. It’s low fantasy fiction, action adventure, and subplot of romance! It has lgbt themes but one of the MCs is relatively naive so she sees the world through new eyes. she explores issues like her own sexuality (no sex or mature content though), poverty, violence, right and wrong, revision of history, sexism and many other stuff!! The book is Hell Hath No Fury on my page!

Edit: Here is my blurb!

Title: Hell Hath No Fury
Status: Part one of three is completed
Chapters: 20
Words: 90k words
TLDR: Want a pirate adventure story with lgbt characters, badass women, and lots of secrets? My main character and many other characters are apart of the lgbtq+ community and the main romance in the storyis a gxg couple.

Blurb: Aboard the Scorned Woman, there is a pirate crew that hails from all five Baethean continents. They raid merchant ships and other pirates in the dead of night and take no prisoners. Releasing captured women, killing men, and wreaking havoc whenever they are on land, the ladies of the Scorned Woman are notoriously dangerous around Baethos. When a young girl with nothing but a need to get away from home stumbles across the ship, she finds herself in a whole new world of steel, gold, and thievery. In this adventure, follow her into unknown political arenas, life-risking missions for gold and falling in love, not just with the open seas.


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Thank you very much, in advance, for considering the following…

Title: Of Moon and Boats

Author: @DiaConstant

Genre: Romance

Central Characteristic: Emotionality & Feelings

Briefly: How two beings can profoundly affect one another

Size: 7 Chapters (400-800 words each, approx. 5’ reading time each)

Status: Completed (May 10, 2020)

Main: A short novel presenting an allegorical view of what wanting to be with someone truly entails. What happens on an upper-emotional level and a description of feelings and sentiments rather than a traditional, cheesy, romantic story-line

First Line: “In the middle of the night, the moon bigger and brighter than usual, its black hair stood still in the vastness of space, barely visible, it stretched its smooth pearl neck and directed its big dark brown eyes towards the color-orgasmic surface of the earth.



I have no problem with it, in fact I have a LGBT character on my story. Thank you! I’ll add to my list :heart:

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Fantasy that explores poverty, history and social issues? I’m all in. Thank you! :heart:

Moons and boats sounds really beautiful and poetic. I’m in for it. Thanks :heart:

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Hey, I have a recent-history slice of life romance that has characters in their late 20s-mid 30s. It deals with divorce, alcoholism, grief, job loss, etc, so all those fun adult problems haha. It has no explicit sex.

Come Hell or High Water
Summary - Recovering alcoholic Sam isn’t quite ready to let go of his failing marriage.
Gord gave up his dream to care for his dying father, and now he’s trapped by an inheritance he doesn’t want.
When Sam’s new job sends him to Gord’s remote farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies, it isn’t long before the two find themselves leaning on each other in ways neither expected; but between flood and wildfire and the echoes of the past, love and happiness aren’t always as simple as finding someone who might want to be your second chance.
Status - Complete
Genre - Romance, Slice of Life, Recent History


Giving up a dream and caring for a dying father. I already like this character. Thank you, I’ll add it to my list :heart:

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Hmmmm… You might enjoy The Reason I Exist by @Norwood515. All adult characters and too many dark-ish themes to count! It does feature sex, though, within the story’s context.

I have a few stories with darker/mature themes myself, but the protagonist is in her late twenties (one of the main characters later on is a troubled husband/father/CEO in his forties, though). And sexuality is a big part of Ingrid’s life so there’s some sexy times in here also. Vodka Espresso is where it gets real dark and adult (the scene is set by a new adult novella, however, which is some of my finest work: Whiskey Latte)

I also have a historical romance/fantasy that deals with the aftermath of WWI and women’s role in it. Main character is a 30 y/o nurse who lost everything in the war and now struggles to cope with what’s left: Seacliff (this one gets steamy for plot purposes but it’s basically PG-13).


I think I prefer the historical one. I have some triggers with sex depictions (I was sexually abused during childhood and I still working on the trauma). Thank you for sharing :heart:

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Oh, no :broken_heart: I’m so sorry… Thank you for adding Seacliff, though, I hope it can get you some feel-good vibes, as it can get quite sweet and tender despite the war looming overhead. Stay strong :heart:

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Bless you, thanks :heart:

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Hey there! I have a science-fantasy romance you might enjoy. It explores heavier, mature themes and moral questioning.

It does have one character try for sex in non-explicit ways (pushing them against a cabinet, beginning to untie pants) but nothing goes beyond those (pants don’t fall down/character stops them) and isn’t depicted as good by any means. It has some arousal and a fade to black, but no explicit sex.

If these would trigger you due to your past, I understand. I do handle it in a very PG-13 way and, otherwise, I think handles some adult issues you may enjoy!

Behind His Weary Eyes

Dumped for her high ideals, Asa sets out to continue her medical career in the Eulian Outskirts. Though only a few hundred years old, the empire is known for their stunning health. She is determined to take their knowledge to not just treat but to eradicate all chronic illnesses.

Her plans change when she stumbles upon a patient, Renvir, who holds a deep sorrow inside. An unorthodox love blooms between the two, but the secret he carries forces her to question the perfect world she’s imagined.

She must ask herself if her quest is worth the lives sacrificed.

Link: Click here to read!

I also have a science-fantasy adventure of sorts. It’s mature themes are a bit more subtle than the other. Same universe as Behind His Weary Eyes but 300 years later. It has adult (alien) characters and explores what it means to lead, political/specism tensions, etc.

There are sexual references, but it’s much tamer than Behind His Weary Eyes, being more jokes and mentions than anything and very occasional.


Following the murder of his species’ ruler, riots make blood and suffering become Vishnear’s daily life. He desires nothing more than peace for his people. The priest’s life takes a turn, however, when the primordial deities elect him to be the next leader.

They grant him godlike powers, and his people expect him to use them. The problem is he can’t summon them—not without complications. Fearing failure, he elicits help from a god, Sytrix, who promises to reveal his true potential. But he finds more questions than answers when a fiesty Wikev is captured.

Yet, through everything, what Vishnear fears the most is not the threat of war, the awakening of the lost deities, or the budding, forbidden attraction between him and the female Wikev.

It’s the secret hiding beneath his skin.

Click here to read!

I hope you enjoy and find some great reads!

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I’m in for the political/specism tensions! That’s something I really like. Thank you :heart:

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Awesome! Both books have plenty of that. You’re welcome! :blue_heart:

I think my story fits your requirements!


If you’re interested, just press the add.

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Hi. :slight_smile: I’m in my 40s and my books tend to have adult characters. They’re all fantasy and have LGBT+ content. A couple in particular strike me as maybe being along the lines of what you’re looking for. Yin-Yang is urban fantasy/magical realism, exploring what freedom and security really are in complicated conditions. Shaman is high fantasy and explores self-identity and figuring out where one belongs, with complications.

There are longer blurbs on their respective pages, including trigger warnings for Shaman.


Sensitives live, terrified, on the edge of survival in North America: mages want sensitives, but no one ever comes back to explain why. Mage society is based around owning a sensitive, who provides more power to use, as well as doing the housework and being available for transformation. But not all mages agree with the system, and not all sensitives are willing to just give up… Complete novel


Trans shaman Vixen and her shapeshifting puma Dayr are on what looked initially like a very simple mission: Vixen’s best friend from her earlier life is in danger but doesn’t know it, and if she’s there, she can protect him. It doesn’t stay that simple for long, though, and Vixen’s soon facing some difficult decisions she didn’t expect. Which world does she belong in? Complete novel


I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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I liked both. Mystical themes are very interesting to me. And suicide is not triggering for me at all. Thank you :heart:

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