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CURRENT STATUS (updated 6/4)
basically empty queue so feel free to request!

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I don’t have anything to request that are publishable but I LOVE the Overwatch theme! :slight_smile:

haha no worries! thank you sm lol, overwatch is amazing. do you play?

Before my Xbox blew up, yes.

omg no rip your xbox :’( what happened?

My nephew dropped a cup of water on it and I guess it absorbed it. It made a loud pop, then stopped working. It was a sad day :c but my birthday is coming up and I’m getting another one - so, I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile:

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no way that’s terrible! i always wanted an xbox haha but my bro got a pc and i play on that sometimes so it’s cool :’) otherwise i play on a bootcamped mac lol, it’s primitive but it works. i’m glad you’re getting a new one though and happy birthday in advance! do you play any other games?

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Hello! I have a book with chapter 1 completed, I would love to publish it, I just need a cover!

Book Title: Parasitos
Author: Oliver Noctis
Subtitle: -
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Description: Phyllia accompanies her coworker Argus and his younger sister to Fashar, a tree standing at the center of the world. The young child goes in hopes that she may be imbued with a magical power named Qor. But journeys can never go that simple, can they?
Anything Else: My favourite game right now is Xenoblade Chronicles X, I have yet to finish it though :sweat_smile:. It’s an Adventure RPG about humanity trying to survive on an alien planet, whilst investigating the local wild-life and defending against the alien race that destroyed Earth.

Inspirations: Honestly, I don’t have any ideas or wants in mind, It isn’t a romance, though. I like this image:

Is this okay?

I play many games. Fortnite, OverWatch, Sims, World of Warcraft, and so much more. If you name a game, I’ve probably played it. And thank you! c:

ok tbh the thing about fortnite is that it’s pretty cool and all but i tried it and it’s not really for me? :’) like i don’t really get it it’s just running around with an axe and bludgeoning people/getting a gun and sniping people from what i can see lol. what do you like about it? (also omg is wow good? do you play league btw ahaha)

hi there! thank you sm for requesting :pray: your book sounds SO interesting and i love the title! you haven’t filled out the full form though - mind rereading the training and loot box sections of the initial post? once you’ve filled it out completely i’d be really happy to give this a shot bc it sounds awesome!

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Bookmarking this for later since I’m going to need a cover for the ONC (so the book won’t be up until early February) :smiley:

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ooh yeah onc is soon isn’t it? good luck for it! thanks for the bookmark anyway aha.


Oop oop, sorry, I’ll edit it now!

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Yup, it opens February 1. Thanks! :smiley:


I personally like the costumes, and that might be the only reason I play it. And I haven’t played League of Legends yet, but I want to. Is it any good?

i don’t play it either haha. i’ve seen lots of ads for it and tbh they market it really well but i don’t think i’d like playing a mmo? like fps is much more fun imo. how did you get into gaming?

I got into gaming when I was four, I believe. I saw my brother play games like Mario, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and I grew up playing those types of games. However, the first ever game I played was Yuh-Gi-Oh! And that was the basic card game, similar to Magic!.