Oxford comma?

To use or not to use? That is the question.

I never use it. Never have used it in story writing but I would likely use it in a resume or something professional. To me, it usually looks incorrect.

Do you use it? In what situations? Examples please!

I love it. Can’t live without it. I use it in all my writings and not using it feels incredibly wrong.

I always use it. I feel it just adds a level of clarity that, yes, should be obvious, but can be funky. I also just like me some commas lol.


I think I prefer the latter lol.

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I use them. Always felt them to be more proper.

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I’ve seen variations of this example and I love it! I actually used it to explain to my science teacher why I think the Oxford comma is superior.


Did you convince them?

Agreed. I don’t use it.

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But why?

Personal preference. I get that people think the Oxford comma’s more proper, but I’ve never really felt that way myself.

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I love the Oxford comma. It makes sense to me. I cringe when it isn’t used.


My teacher thought I was insane, but she agreed! She had been grading some biology essays and was trying to determine what she was going to count as grammatical errors. All of my teachers in the past have considered the Oxford comma to be standard.

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I always use it. It seems to be more proper and without it there can be many — difficulties with reading. I see it from both point of views though.

I was never even taught Oxford comma.

Your school failed you.

It was in east LA so…

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Oof. I’m surprised they taught you anything in that case. jk

I was never taught exactly what it was. I was just taught its characteristics, like putting the comma before “and” in a list. It was a long time before I even knew its name.

The fact that I can even read is a miracle.


Yes! I am so for the oxford comma! @Dumdumpops4