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pacifica > for all your thread needs.
hi there!! welcome to my new permanent thread of mine that is going to be dedicated to drum roll please… threads. I haven’t really coded much since the old mdc and I’ve been slowly trying to relearn how to code, this is the only decent thread I’ve coded so far lol I need practice. please read all the rules listed below before you request, enjoy!
001 > be mega patient + kind, these things take time alrighty and no stealing!
002 > use my forms only - if you’re confused by something just ask away.
003 > no thread-hopping, requesting same graphic from someone else.
004 > the more ideas and good images, the better. inspo can be tumblr themes.
005 > tell me if you’ll be using it, if so pick up and use within a week + link back.
006 > credit is always a must.

payment is an honest 2+ comment on any story of mine + credit
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pacifica > extra information
I. read all the rules first before requesting, make sure you’ve filled everything in and haven’t forgot anything.
ii. tumblr themes can be used as inspiration/ideas.
iii. if you’re providing images/gifs, please try to find the best quality of it.
iv. if you want extra coding make sure to fill out that section.
v. the password is… your favourite Disney movie must have it in your form or you’ll be denied.

the queue
username | graphic | post no. | payment | status
username | graphic | post no. | payment | status
username | graphic | post no. | payment | status

open closed for catchup closed

click here for the form and here for examples .

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pacifica > just in case
just in case - you may now post.
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pretty threads xo nice to see familiar faces from the old mdc rip

aww thanks xo i know right, but it’s alright we’re slowing coming back up from hiding and soon we will take over the mdc once again evil laughs uh i mean… cough, cough yes rip

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requesting > a thread

title > (please use the image linked for title because of specific fonts.)
subtitle* > Please include this image after the title (or redo it with code)

color scheme [colourlovers] > This is a color scheme from colour lovers, but I already have a black and white theme going, along with this color, which is HTML code: #216060

text [pastebin] >

name of links > N/A

ideas/images/inspo > This is what I had in mind for the thread. The title and the blue pencil are photos. (as seen on “inspiration”, photos are provided in last link of this paragraph. I have attempted to code the following part with the two black pencils, (Here’s the code) but improvement/change is more than welcome. Font changes are welcome. Here are photos for use.

extras? [banners, html or none]* > html: Resources, Taglist & Shortcuts, Lesson X, Examples (illustrated in “ideas”)

anything else? > SNOW WHITE Thank you for considering, I recognize that this is a lot and a little complicated so I understand if it’s denied.
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@edoggypaws hi! your request is denied, i just can’t work with your ideas i’m sorry but i hope you find something who can c:
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Alright, no worries. Thank you~

ohhhh such pretty threads

aww, thank youu!! :blush:

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requesting > a thread

title > K-12

subtitle* > Pop-Up Shop

color scheme [colourlovers] > this, this, or this

text [pastebin] >

name of links > Forms, Examples, & Payment

ideas/images/inspo > I really love the “Socially Awkward” thread and was hoping for something similar; but more of a pastel colour to it since this thread is inspired by Melanie Martinez. So maybe a pictures of Melanie ( this or this ) with the text in pink or blue. Please make the welcome/rules text editable because I change my mind a lot.

extras? [banners, html or none]* > HTML Accpted/Denied, Delivery/ Graphics offered, bump, and que

anything else? > Lion King. Thanks if yu accept.

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requesting > a thread

title > speechless

subtitle* > all i know is i won’t go speechless

color scheme > this or this

text >

name of links > form, examples, profile

ideas/images/inspo > honestly, i would like something relatively simple/clean. there could be a header with the title & subtitle (idk if you work with gifs but if you don’t, feel free to just pull a frame/screenshot one of these: 1 2) or, if that’s not possible, there could just be a box with a picture/gif of princess jasmine (from aladdin 2019) and then the text (here are some pictures).
inspiration links 1 2 3 4

extras?* > html for forms and delivery pls?

anything else? > omg i cant choose just one but let’s go with mulan since she’s my fave disney princess

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@Moxxxii @soulofstaars heyo! both your requests are accepted, please complete the payment and tell me once it’s done c:

Payment done. Completed it on my second account @/LauraAnnLee

ahhh thank you! payment complete (let me know if you want just one actual comment instead of multiple inline comments bc i can do that too)

delivery > @Moxxxii

hey there, here is a preview of your thread I did two versions, I tried adding the image but I just couldn’t get it to work sorry. I do hope you like it, please let me know if you’ll be using one and i’ll show you another preview of your extra codes then pm you. thank you for requesting at pacifica!! x

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I love the first one. I’ll use that one c:

awesome, i’m glad you do! i’ve updated the post with the proper preview of the main thread and extra codings, is that to your liking? if so, i’ll send them to you by pm now x

Yes. It’s perfect!!

requesting > a thread

title > the search

subtitle* > premades!

color scheme [colourlovers] >here ok I know you said color lovers but I really liked this hehe but I can find some on color lovers if needed!

text [pastebin] >

name of links > none!

ideas/images/inspo > I really would like something really simple? I was just thinking something along the lines of a light background and then a dark box ontop with all of the words?
Inspo: 1 2 , 3 , 4

extras? [banners, html or none]* > could I have some simple subthreads (html?) but like really really simple

anything else? > rupunzel or mulan! told you you’d get the hang of it! : )

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