Page Loading Bugs For Stories?



So, I’ve had several readers complain about the site not loading chapters of my story properly or at all. Sometimes they’ll tell me that halfway through a chapter, the first part of the chapter will simply begin again and they have to refresh the page to make it load right. Other times the chapter won’t completely load and just hang.

I actually experienced the later this morning while attempting to reply to a comment. The page is just hanging there without fully loading. Other chapters load fine. So not an internet problem on my end.
This has annoyed several people trying to read my story and led to them telling me they are not going to come back until these issues are resolved.

I understand their frustration. And as a writer, this is also frustrating because I want readers to experience what I wrote. They don’t know there is more if the site doesn’t offer it to them and could be left thinking the chapter has just ended when it doesn’t load right.

Is this a common problem for the Wattpad website?


My problem is how slow it takes to load stories. It will have the select chapter option while still remaining on the summary page of the story unless I refresh it. Once I hit refresh, it will take me to the first chapter.


I haven’t had this issue unless I’m on web and leading a really large chapter, in which case it has to load multiple times and usually jumps me back to the top or stalls.


Hi there,

This looks like it might be a bug! We want to keep this category focused only feature requests and feedback on existing features. If you’re experiencing any bugs, you’ll get the fastest response from HQ by submitting a ticket here:

I’ll be unlisting this thread for now, and if you have any questions, let me know! :blush:


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