Page Setup When...Query-ing


To anyone who may know:
When it comes to sending out a query, does page setup matter much? I’ve only got access to Google Docs at the moment- and I’m certainly getting ahead of myself here, I’m nowhere need ready to find an agent -and I’m concerned a high-school essay-esque document style would be viewed as unprofessional. Do I need to set up my work on a smaller, thinner, published work-style document?


You need to provide what the agents ask for. Usually its double spacing, margins (don’t have the inch size but you are not querying yet you said), scene breaks marked, personal information in header, wc etc on title page. They will tell you. You will need to provide a manuscript. I’ve never seen google docs requested. But there are free text editors available


Ah, so it’s mainly an agent-to-agent type of thing where they’ll tell you what they’d like?


Number 1 rule: Follow the instructions to the letter.

They read lots of submissions every day and want every one to be formatted the same. It’s easier for them. It also tells them if you can follow instructions.

Most of the query is in the body of the email. The synopsis and sample chapters are what’s attached. My experience is they want those as a Word doc/docx file.


Queries rarely want attachments.

Queries are done by email. Single spaced, double space between paragraphs. First few pages of the manuscript are pasted below that, also single spaced, double space between paragraphs (and scenes).

If you get a request for partial or full, you will need to provide the manuscript in standard manuscript format as a .doc or .docx.


not all of them. i had a few who wanted attachments. They point is, no matter what they want, and even if it is a posted pineapple - just do it! :nerd_face: