I think it would be worth making a poll and asking…

Do you want pagination?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I don’t care either way.

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What we do and don't like...
What we do and don't like...

Please God yes. Infinite scroll is so much harder to keep track of and causes memory issues for my computer whenever I try to find older posts/material.


Yeah if thats a possibility im 100%for it. I want pages and threads to have an end. Thats a pretty important part of the threads right now


What is the post limit for a thread?


we can edit it as we want but right now it’s 2500


and what if it is not a possibility? What possible solutions would you want/what problems are you experiencing that pages help solve?


@nick not sure tbh… The pages just make it SO much easier to find things and navigate a long thread. Scrolling is unruly and idk about others but my browser doesnt seem to like it. I guess shorter threads might help? Limiting the number of posts before a new one must be started? But still i’ll be honest that thats one of the bigest drawbacks to this platform for me personally


can you give an example of searching for something and not being able to find it? (sorry to put you through user interview paces, just want to be sure we’re addressing right issues)


Have you tried the timeline scroller located to the right on desktop and the bottom right on mobile? This makes it so you can quickly skip to one post without loading the entire thread.


@uncleL i might want to do this via pm to go through all the reasons i liked pages, but for gen user example lest say your friend says " oh x user was just talking about that yesterday on x thread! You should check out the conversation."

In the past, you could tell them the page and post #s to look for. But in this new system with threads that just scroll, the earlier part of conversations just seem to be lost unless you were there. Even finding comments i’ve been tagged in here so far have been a bit tricky to find if i come in days later. And thats with these threads moving SUPER slow. Active cafe threads can finish in 1-2 days. Thats thousands of posts to scroll through


I reminds me of long skype chats but honestly thats part of why i stopped using that to communicate with more than a couple of people. The longer it got the more unruly it became


(Have you tried using the link posts to direct people to certain posts or the number on the right / bottom left, desktop / mobile, that indicates where you are in the thread?)


@Makaylasophia I hadnt yet but i did notice that was there. So in clicking that it would jump you to that part of the conversation? It still doesnt change the fact for me that i find endless scrolling far less pleasant as a user interface. I personally avoid chats without pages because they get so long to scroll through and the endless scroll becomes overwhelming. Maybe its just me. I guess it STILL doesnt answer the issue of coming in hours later and then trying to find previous posts. You would still have to be at that post when it came to grab the link ( or otherwise have to go back and scroll a lot)


Yes, it shows you your approximate place in the thread (so if we were at the top of this one, it’d say 1/14, because we’d be at post 1 of 14). If you drag the blue button or numbers up or down, it’ll quickly navigate to different parts of threads without loading all of the posts.


@Makaylasophia Thats helpful. Doesnt change my like of pages more… But some stuff we will just need to get used to I guess. That scroll bar is still an approximation in terms of referring to somthing that happened on a thread as opposed to having pages to jump to that are more precise. Still, you have to scroll through a page i suppose. I just like the more manageable small bite of conversation to look at at a time. Pagination is still preferred. By the survey it is preferred by most but it is what it is


I’m with you on still wanting pages. To me it just feels more user friendly to have them in pages instead of endless scroll. I already find myself skipping more active threads on here because I don’t want to scroll through 80 posts (and that’s with the clubs still very slow because not a lot of people are testing it)

@uncleL Here’s some random musings that maybe you can test out if pagination isn’t possible, perhaps adding a post number to the post might help? So say Stacy wants to tell someone to visit this thread and the link to a specific post isn’t working, she could know exactly what post is which. I know it says on the scroll bar, but if there are several short posts in a row and you’re sitting between them, it’s hard to really be accurate as to which # applies to which post. Though unless I’m blind, I’m not seeing a way to jump to a specific post number via web like you can mobile.

Maybe with the right tweaks we could make endless scroll less painful on longer threads? So might be worth trying those tweaks (if they’re easy enough) and see if people like it better. I know I’ll learn to live with it if I have to, but pages is still far more preferred over endless scrolling.


also search is great

since you can search by user in case of not having link
and the username pages have activity where you can sort by reply
honestly, i think this is more effective than talking about post/page


Search is only great if you know what you’re searching for.


yep but if a user reported another user to a mod but doesn’t have the link, they can give username and terms used and mod can search that


Or just flag specific posts?