Paid/Featured/Promoted Authors, Thoughts and Tips on Applications please!

Hi, so I’m aware that Paid and Featured both have an application now, and many authors have now gotten in using in those appications. I’m also aware that there’s a bunch of other authors who are looking to submit applications and could use some sage advice (as some have little experience, or struggle with the application). We’ve got tons of help threads for the Watty’s application currently…

So why not have a similar thread for the Story Promotion Application?

No pressure to participate, but if you’re a promoted author willing to help out newer authors with their application feel free to post tips about loglines, summaries, and other parts of the application that you think could really help other authors, and if they post questions, feel free to answer!

If you’re new and seeking help on an application, please don’t tag any of the Paid/Promoted authors unless they’ve already posted so as not to spam anyone, but feel free to post your questions and hope for an answer!

Hopefully, this can offer some great feedback and bolster a helpful community for all authors, and give more amazing authors a fighting chance to be promoted!

I’ve applied a few times, never been selected, yet, but, in my experience, and from reading on here, the story promotion applications don’t really go beyond the logline or summary. Meaning, that those are the two most important elements. After that, WP seems to have themes or trends that they look for that are factors in determining if a story gets selected. Those factors, from my understanding, supersede the logline and summary.

It’s a game of chance really. You either have the trend or theme WP is looking for that cycle, and your logline and summary are up to snuff to get selected, or you don’t.

However, the more you submit, the better your chances in my opinion. I mean, what’s to loose?


Then I hope this can really help those newer authors with their logline and summary so they have greater chances to be selected!

Thank you! I need this thread!

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I’ll help with whatever I can :smile:

** Edit, should probably mention I’m in the Paid Stories programme… Come on, Fray.

I’ll help with loglines and summaries!


(Pretty sure we know XD)


What would your basic tips be?


Me too!

totally didn’t create this because I’m working on a new featured application…and needed help

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I just don’t like to assume :joy:

I can also post the logline and summary I have for one of my Paid Stories, for reference, if that’ll help?

Basic tips:


Keep your logline short and to the point. Keep it snappy and if you don’t get that gut-punching feeling that this is something, the ones reading it probably won’t either.

Make it swing. Have a good rhythm in it that rolls easily off the tongue. A logline is very much like an elevator pitch and it should b easy to just spit out.


Summaries are hard. They are for everyone, basically. Get as many to read it as possible. Keep coming back to it and read it. Read it out loud too, just to make sure it flows. And run it through a spell-checker. You don’t want to have typos in them.

Figure out what’s important and what you think highlights the best events in your book - and then talk to your readers and see if they agree. You only have so many words and you won’t be able to include every detail of the story. So find the most important ones.

And simply because this can’t be said enough: GET. MORE. EYES. ON. IT.
It might make perfect sense to you, but it might not make sense at all to someone who doesn’t know your story.

Keep it basic. You’re not here to sell your story in the same way that you do through a blurb. There isn’t supposed to be mysteries in it, or leave the reader looking for answers. This is a 1-2-3 step walk-through of your story, so the ones reading it will know exactly what to expect when they read it. Or when/if they decide to back it.


Darn. I’m very bad at evaluating my own work. (You can thank some learned and some mental illness dysphoria for that) Hmmm…

Okay, I’ll try that.

My main issue is I know all the details, but how do I keep it concise without losing the important bits? Wattpad requires a full picture of the story, beginning middle end as well.

Kinda figured that, hence the thread?

Okay, so it doesn’t have to capture, but is it too much to say that it does need some interest to it since you are trying to sell it basically? Maybe I’m interpreting wrong.


I’d recommend just trying to write it out first. Summarise what happens without thinking about making it sound good. Just spit all the: Michelle went to the store. She bought milk and that’s when she met Nick. Nick and Michelle venture on to become the next pop duo through a music competition.

or something like that. Just bang. Bang. Bang. Info all over.

And after you’ve done that, make people read it to make sure it makes sense. Also, keep flowery language out of it. Summaries are just that: a summary. Not something very exciting :joy:

The interest should be established through the logline. The summary is just here to give who ever reads it a walk-through of what happens - so they won’t have to read the entire book to figure out if the storyline is something they’re interested in or not.


Okay. I’ll try that.

Ah, okay.


Hope that helps! :sparkles:

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Gonna try it. Got any suggestions (other than posting here) of places to post the summary and logline? I don’t wanna interrupt Watty threads. I already got some advice for my watty one from Nick.

You can always just make a new thread just for your summary here in #improve-your-writing.

And I formally invite you to the Wattys Support Thread: Summary Edition. Even if it’s not necessarily for your Watty entry :slight_smile:

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Well, I’ll need help with my watty one too…sigh so much to do. Sleep is for the weak.

I’ll try that, thank you.

(Can they be the same summary?)


I still haven’t gotten around to my own entries (’: I’m with ya!

And yes! I don’t think they have to be different. I used the same one for my Wattys Shortlist entry last year as I did with the one for featured back in November. And I’m using it now too for my Watty entry. They must be tired of reading it by now

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Okay, so then I guess I’ll polish my Watty one and stick it in my featured application as well. Thank you.



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Not gonna lie, I really hope this thread helps people. I was also kinda hoping to feel a little…better and more confident I guess, after getting some professional help on my stuff, but I’m still scared about producing a crap summary, and I don’t feel any more confident. I do appreciate the help, though. Please, no positive messages. Thank you.