It was confirmed by the Paid Stories account today, that now Paid Stories can be accessed all around the world!


I just saw it on my profile, meh

Thats such a great thing yay!!!

Not sure that is true

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Eventually it will be rolled out Worldwide, it won’t be though for probably another few days to a week to roll out.

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Side note, I love that story so much. It’s fantastic. Hope it is worldwide soon so everyone can read it!

maybe :man_shrugging:

Also, side note but little shout out to @AWFrasier


"…we’re excited to share that starting today, July 10, 2019, Wattpadders in every country around the globe can read and access Paid Stories. "

So its not in every country just yet, but it will be.

Its rolling out slowly. By end of next wee, tops, everyone will be able to read our stories.

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Interesting. I couldn’t access it this afternoon. Maybe because I was on laptop and my phone WP hasn’t updated since '17

Your app is missing a LOT, in terms of updates and stuff. Unless you don’t have enough space on your phone

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Also, with what @Sam_le_fou stated

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I am most definitely not missing the ads and the painfully bright hero orange/white color scheme. I quite like it the way it is. No Next, no ads, no eyepain


I mean, you can make your stories dark.

I remember @Prisim mentioned that there’s no dark mode

Yeah you can only make the reading mode on the App dark. Not the rest of the site. And you get Jack on the website in terms of making it dark.

To be honest if I had a choice of not updating an app and keeping the old colors I would definitely do that LOL, but that is because the new rebrand really did render the site unusable for me so it really is a change I can’t adapt to. Hence why I built my own dark mode. It was either use a third party add on (which I HATE add ons) for my browser with a custom built dark mode (since none of the ones built by others worked for me) or quit the site. When i really sat down and weighed my options, I wasn’t ready to quit the site.

I think you’d have to update the app

I have the newest version of the wattpad beta app (updated it 1 hour ago). Maybe next week I will have it

May I ask how becomes a paid writer on Wattpad.

I now see the coin tab on my profile page on the laptop.

@matzeztam For now Paid is invite only. :slight_smile:
Link to the Wattpad article about Paid Stories for writers.