Paid Stories Update ft Nick



Hey everyone!

It’s time for not just another update, but the update.

We’ve talked in the past about the Wattpad Next Beta being successful from a reader and writer response. I’ve also said there would be a shift away from a beta to an official version as part of it becoming a staple of the Wattpad experience.

With that, I introduce the new name: Paid Stories.

With it, come a few changes within the product you’ll find that help better explain the program, on what coins mean exactly or what a paid story is and how it works.

The name is meant as a more accurate reflection of what’s going on on Wattpad by being as clear as possible. It’s hard for me to come up with more to say about it other than it is what it is, and that was the point.

From here on you’ll always hear us refer to it as Paid Stories. You can officially mark the Wattpad Next Beta lifetime as Oct 2018-March 2019.

However, this doesn’t mean the program is done and set in stone. You’ll continue to see changes over time, both to the product and also more stories and writers will continue to be added. It also means the many prior discussions, such as tipping and alternate payments, are still on our minds, even if not currently part of Paid Stories.

It also means prior updates are still intact. Applications are still open and you can still apply here.

And you can always check out the website:

My future posts and discussions in this space are going to focus more on the content in Paid Stories and the editorial coaching system. General updates to the product will continue rolling on, you can also check overall updates on the website. Almost all of the discussions and questions people ask are around the content and stories anyways because we’re all here for stories. Makes sense.


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Many goats for you goat lord :goat::goat::goat:

You and your team have done an awesome job and I’m so glad the program has been a success!


My best wishes for the Paid Stories. Done a grand job, Nick :slight_smile:


This sounds interesting but I can’t say I understand how exactly it’s going to work. :sweat_smile:
Will the paid stories be on the main site as well?


That’s where they are, you can find them along the app and site, if you open one for the first time you’ll get a little carousel of information. Or you can check the website too


Okay, thank you. :relaxed:


Wow. I have to admit I think “Next” was more original, but I like it!


We had so many fun and cool names that got discussed so many times in so many ways. But unfortunately super cool becomes kind of confusing for a lot of people and we end up in:

“What is Wattpad Next?”

So we had to give up fun names for practicality. But there was a list. Such a list. RIP list.


Question, I like to read good stories over and over again. Is this possible? or do I have to pay every time I read the chapter? sorry, I’m new.


And now I’m itching to see this list.


As far as I know you can read it as many times as you want. The paid stories is like buying an ebook with the added bonus of interacting with other readers and the author.


Awesome! :slight_smile: I was like oh man this could cost a fortune. lol


This is an exerpt from the current Paid Stories Q&A ( ):

Q: Are stories not involved in the Paid Stories program considered lower-quality because they are free?

Every story on Wattpad has an audience, just like every reader has personal tastes. We’ve used editorial expertise, the power of data insights, reader engagement, and machine learning to select the stories that are part of the Paid Stories program. These are the stories we know readers will fall in love with.

The goal of Paid Stories is to help writers make money from their work on Wattpad. We are working with a wide range of writers and stories that reflect the diversity and interests of Wattpadders.

Reading this, I get the impression that WP indeed thinks stories not involved in the program are lower quality. If you don’t want to anger authors not in the program, I strongly suggest changing the wording here.

Also: To what degree do the stories in the program get preferential treatment (in ranking and placement) over the other stories? (I am sure this has been discussed elsewhere—if anyone has a pointer, I’d be happy to have it)

Update: It seems that unfortunate Q&A has gone offline. Thanks, Wattpad!


Same. :joy:


We don’t get any boosts at all with our ranking or any algorithms. I haven’t been on a hot list in a little bit (but then again my story has been completed for a while now and I think updates help that algorithm?) Being in the program will not help at all with ranks, winning a watty, or being recommended to anyone outside of how those programs interact with every single other book out there.


I have to agree with this post. I’ve read a few stories so far that are free that I thought were soo good. Everyone’s taste is different. I dunno, that made me sad to read. anyway, will continue to search for epic stories paid or unpaid. :grinning:


I can see where that’s coming from and I can agree with both of you guys. I know there are amazing books out there that 1- didn’t want to be in the program for personal reasons 2-there just wasn’t room for (they are only going to do so many books in the program, not all the good ones will fit or half of wattpad would be paid stories) or 3- they just haven’t seen them yet (there are hundreds of millions of books on wattpad after all)

I agree with them looking at the wording, but I can say from my interactions with staff that they do NOT believe that the books in this program are superior to the books that are not. They acknowledge that there are a ton of fantastic other books to read.


I don’t know, that’s not really how it comes off to me. I’m not in the program and to me this just reads like they don’t think my book has that certain something, but doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is bad vs those in the program. Just doesn’t have that pop that it needs to get noticed. It could be anything from they just have too many stories like mine and it doesn’t stand out among them or they’re just not looking for a story like mine at the moment to of course the story just being crap. Whatever it is, I just don’t have it and that’s how I read it.


you read it as follows:

So, it says: stories outside the program don’t have “that certain something” and they don’t “have that pop that it needs to get noticed”. Both are, in a way, indicators that they’re not as good as those in the program.

If they make a Q if stories outside the program are of lower quality, then their first Answer should be a clear and unconditional NO.


But it doesn’t necessarily mean that. I could have the same quality as stories in the program that are exactly like mine, but they just didn’t choose mine because they can’t choose them all. So maybe mine gets selected at a later date when they need another like mine. I’m just not reading it as meaning my quality is less. There could be any number of reasons why I wasn’t selected at the moment and the quality is just one of those many reasons but not necessarily the reason.