Paid Stories Update ft Nick


Goodness, I hope so. It’s part of the reason why I’ve embraced Wattpad and other serial apps.

FYI: Apple has hired an indie liaison and wants to cultivate relationships with indie authors. I don’t have anything for them at the moment and I’m not sure they’re my target market, but I’m hopeful they will also expand the landscape beyond Amazon.


Is it possible to change our profile name here on Wattpad? I’d rather be under a pen name…is it too late to change that?


It sounds as though Wattpad gives writers the full details when they make an offer to feature the book as part of the program. At which point they can choose whether to sign up or not. Is that not how you were thinking this should work?


I’m not Nick, but you can always change your profile name :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if that’s a part of the contract we’re allowed to discuss or not, otherwise I’d tell you. I know it’s vague, but I can at least say I know the window in which I will be paid, it’s not random times when they feel like it, it’s scheduled.


Thanks for responding.

I’d rather not go through an application process to find out the terms (rate of pay, etc.)

I’m fond of goats, but don’t care to become one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for answering my question.


@nick how do we know when we could apply again? I get waiting for three months, but how do we know the exact day? If we applied late or mid march can we apply on the first of May? Should we wait for the end of May? This question also applies to the editors picks list.


Yes I know, it’s not the urban fiction story I’m talking about, it’s just an entirely different story worth checking out :smiley:


Not a copyright lawyer, you’re getting into a dangerous grey space. Giving a similar character the same name and mannerisms is likely violation, especially since you posted here saying it’s based on that character (so you couldn’t claim coincidence).




They don’t know how much they’ll earn but they know the conditions of their situation, it’s part of the contract


You mean you didn’t mark your calendar and start counting days?


I’m curious. Would you recommend getting an attorney, even if you’re applying for WP Next, or is the process pretty simple and the terms laid out clearer than other platforms or publishing houses?


We would always recommend an attorney if you don’t feel confident or comfortable reviewing a contract


Ok, I’ll make changes to the character. On the note of the date, I’ll take it that it has to be exact.


Even though my story will be completed by the end of April, I’m going to expand a few chapters. I figure it’s best to have chapters as close as possible to a similar word count. I think I have the room, but this should give me time to apply for a few reading lists before applying for Next.


I would agree with what Nick said.


Also, if we apply to be Featured, but we didn’t select the Next option, can we still apply for Next without the standard waiting time?


If we review a story for featuring but we really like it for Next, it can still be passed along.