Paid Stories Update ft Nick


Heya! If I applied for a general promotion last week, but I’d like to apply for the paid story consideration for the same book, does the three month rule apply to this? Even if its for different considerations? Thanks!



Yup, you can’t go back and change your application. Make sure when you apply, you consider all of these options. If you don’t feel comfortable locking in your application for three months, wait until you do


Love the editorial coaching element!!


Whoops! This is the first time I’ve done this so I’ll have to remember that next time. So that extra application will just be ignored, or will both be deleted?


While I’m wanting to set up my own donation pool, rather than requiring payment up front, I do like the gesture of compensating others for their work.

I can’t tell you how many times mom would lecture me for publishing stuff on Wattpad, simply because I didn’t want to put my work on Amazon, and their weirdly … bureaucratic approach to the industry.

I think my only misgiving if payed stories are included, what’s going to be the status with Creative-Commons licensing? I’d really prefer a place I post my work not mandate “All Rights Reserved”.

It’s not on purpose I don’t think, but I’ve found a book, where even if I set my work to creative-commons, it automatically switches my work to being All Rights Reserved.

And I’m absolutely uninterested in All Rights Reserved.

I’m really not even against payment to other writers that write fan fiction based on my work either. Usually I do creative-commons to prevent predatory Rights Grabbing by large studios.

“P.L. Travers hates Walt Disney” disorder, so to speak.


Also where I ever issues, I don’t mind compensation, but considering my books still need a considerable amount of editing, I’m not sure how I feel about readers paying for an unfinished work.


they quality proof paid stories :thinking:


You wouldn’t want to submit your work until you’d done all that you could do to get it into the best shape possible.

That’s not only because the more professional your work presents, the better your chances of being chosen, but also because you’d be working with editorial coaches, not line editors, or copyeditors, or proof readers.

You still have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to the editing and it’s best to do that, first, before submitting.


At least now I know it’s edited then it’s chosen!

I try to edit when I can, but for some books it can be … a little … delayed.


If you’re experiencing an issue with CC licenses not working, you’ll need to submit a bug report


Yass Ms. Lush, collect them coins. :grin:


Can I still apply with an existing novel that is currently ongoing? I just did, but I want to make sure. Also, how long will it take until the results come out? I am dying to know.


Hi Nick, if your book is not yet finished, but about 10 chapters or more and it will be and needs editing, will that affect its chance of getting picked? Will it be more difficult to be chosen?
Because I have a book, it’s not really popular lol but it will be finished very soon


Yes, you can. Stories must have a minimum of 10,000 words to submit.


You can read Nick’s post here-

You can read Nick’s post here-


Thank you for answering my question!


Yes, you can apply with it so long as it meets the other criteria such as 10K words, 8K reads


So long as it meets the criteria, 10K words, 8K reads, and it’s a compelling book, it can be picked.


Must it have over 8k reads? Because…I’m already rejected if that’s the case. Oh well.


For now, yes