Paid Stories Update ft Nick


I suggest that you add the 8K reads clause in the Paid Stories paragraph in the Wattpad Story Promotion Application. Makes for less confusion. Something like this-
“If applying for Paid Stories consideration, please indicate in the form below. A kind reminder that stories should have a minimum of 8K reads to be considered. Applications will not receive a response.”


What if it’s a brand new story you want to launch as a paid story? I do have a series running that the first book has 163k reads, but that series is also posted on other sites. What I’d like to do is launch a new series that would be a Wattpad exclusive. But I don’t want to start posting it blind, because if it isn’t going to be in the paid program here, I’ll have to find a different home for it. I put in my application and marked “story not started” (although the book is completely written). Have I shot myself in the foot?


You would have to already have a presence here on Wattpad that’s established that we can evaluate. We’re not major fans of bringing in content that doesn’t exist on Wattpad and giving over a spot to that before giving it to someone who has already been on Wattpad before.

I think from what you’ve described you already do have stories here that do well on their own, so in that case you’d be fine.


I gotta say - bravo, and thank you for giving it a name like that!

Giving it a name like that makes a program or feature much easier to process. I think it’s because we live in an era of Apps that love to use euphemisms for things, or give them vague cool names, but it just confuses people haha. So to see Wattpad be more upfront and honest, for me, really enforces its integrity. I don’t mind paying for things, so seeing it advertised honestly is awesome!

I am really excited to see this program roll out this way. I think if Wattpad wants to expand into more professional territory, it needs to do something like this. It should also help motivate writers to stay on Wattpad instead of moving to different platforms. So awesome job guys :+1:t2:

While I understand the sentiment, I think if a product on Wattpad is in a “Paid For” category, I’d hope that it was better than most free work. There are always amazing free stories on Wattpad, but I think this program is less “These are the best!” and more “You’re more likely to read fleshed out stories this way, and also support an author in the process.”


I’m not sure there is a way to stop this with such a small and limited amount of people being accepted into this program compared to the millions of writers.

YA rules supreme here. Those that write New Adult or Adult Fiction get more traction on other sites such as Radish or Inkitt. I, for one, get more reads and feedback on another site. Then there are other factors that make it easier to move to other sites or self-publish.


Nick, what if i submit an application that says in the additional notes that i will be editing it after i finished it, indicating I won’t take it down from the site anyway while editing? Does that note lessen the chance? :smiley:


My general rule on these types of questions is once people start going into the what if I do X then Y then Z? line of questioning, I stop having answers because they’re either looking to circumvent the rules I already established, find an exception for themselves, or they know what they need to do and they’re trying to avoid it.

So I won’t answer any further what if specific scenarios if they’re about increasing or decreasing chances or finding workarounds to the rules.


Oof. Didn’t see that part. Oh well. Gives me time to edit.

Guess I’ll look into official reading lists meanwhile. See you all in about four months then lol.


Is that a new requirement or has it been there all along? Because if it’s been there the entire time and no one has seen it, a lot of people have probably wasted their time filling out applications.


um, no, i’m not doing any of the things you’ve mentioned. :slight_smile: but saying people find workarounds to the rules doesn’t seem fair and sounds very judgmental to my point of view because it sounds like I’m going to cheat the system when I’ve always been fair LOL. :slight_smile: but then again we’re all different from each other and if this is not what you meant and you want to let me know that then you’re free do so, if not it’s okay.
but thanks for answering or not answering. :slight_smile:


You just need A book with 8k on your profile, you should be good!


Oh okay. Good thing I have one with 26K then. XD


@nick, I’m sure this has been asked before, but I can’t remember the answer. Are paid stories still able to compete in the Watty’s?


I can’t remember which tread it is but I believe Nick said that paid stories are ineligible for the Wattys. They could enter a different story, but not one in the program.


In the past, it appears (I could be wrong) that so long as your book remains on the site and is completely published while you edit, you won’t invalidate your application.


From what I can gather, the process is more about the present state of the work. If it is “interesting” and “compelling” enough, and if all qualifications (such as word count, views, etc.) are met, then the work can be accepted and then any adjustments made. (This pulled from the AMA.)

I am not saying that the work shouldn’t be edited along the way - that would be ridiculous. There is no set denial message sent out, and no one can be expected to put their work on hold forever. But Nick seems - I do not mean to put words in his mouth or speak for him, this is my perspective on his outlook - to say that edits or future chapters should be made in the interests of the story, not to increase the odds of being accepted, and that stories will be judged for their present state when reviewed, not some more abstract future one. If the story is what Wattpad believes could be successful both for the program and author, it will be accepted, and that is what an author should want.

They should want their story to be successful, not their application.

If an author is not sure their story is ready (if it needs editing, more chapters, more views, etc.), Nick has said authors should wait until they are comfortable with its state before submitting an application:

If you feel you would be doing your story a disservice by submitting an application for it in its current state and being unable to resubmit the next three months, then you should probably just wait, make the changes or progress you need to make and then submit with a healthy conscience.

Hope that helps. :hearts:


Same. See you all in a year hopefully


I need the money because my computer is dying.

Cries. How many goats do I need to sacrifice? XD


Just one, apparently. Lol jk


thank you for giving such simple answers that im looking for. :slight_smile: