Paid Stories Update ft Nick


Happy to help. I’m no expert or ambassador, but I can try to relay information I’ve learned from Nick. :smile_cat:


thank you for your informative and polite answer. :slight_smile:


yep and you relay it very politely. sometimes thats all we need. :slight_smile:


Happy to relay it then! I hope it helps :smile_cat:


Leta back up a little. I know it’s not about the paid program per see, but…can I fill up the application to being promoted with two different books? As in, I fill it up for one, and fill it up again for another different story?


Yes, the requirement has been there all along. You can read Nick’s post here-

No, they can’t. You can read Nick’s post here-

The reason why they can’t participate in the Wattys-


You can read Nick’s post here-



Thank you for being such a positive force on Wattpad. :hearts:

Don’t take Nicks previous response too hard. He gives blunt, straightforward answers often because he must address so many questions. He didn’t mean it personally. He is one of the best of Wattpad HQ - (looks over shoulder for other Wattpad Staff) - though all of Wattpad staff members are fantastic! :giggle:

@sarakbeeksma is a gem, also one of the best. :hearts: for you, @sarakbeeksma! <3

I loved your advocacy for politeness.

I agree. We can make the world a better place, one interaction at a time. :wink:


Yes you can


oh yeah that’s nothing. i just can’t help but speak my mind. i guess it’s just a spur of the moment to say what I think and believe. :slight_smile:


Neat. Thanks


I think so too. But the formulation of the Q&A suggested otherwise, and I found that a bad move. That’s what I complained about. Anyway, that Q&A has gone offline, I think, so the problem has resolved itself.



Demander aux gens de lire votre livre en dehors du #share-your-story n’est pas autorisé. Je vais devoir retirer votre commentaire.

Merci de votre compréhension,
Fray - Ambassadeur de la communauté :frog:

(Ceci est fait avec google translate, alors excusez le français peut-être mauvais)


Hey Nick :slight_smile:

The Story have to be written in Englich?
Or is Wattpad also promoting Story in a foreigner language?


I’m not Nick, but I remember what he has stated about this topic-
Stories can be written in English, Spanish and Tagalog :slight_smile: You can read his post here-


Thank you
Hopefully it will be possible for more languages in the future


Thank you so much for your help - will try that now :smiley:


If it’s 7.58 k, could we technically round up to 8k- I did that in math :joy: or was school a lie?


School was indeed a lie, that’s what I’ve learned.


Interesting :thinking: my professors might agree with you, but they would also disagree because while some aspects of school are rudimentary, some things are actually vital to student growth and their ability to integrate into society.

Anyhow, I applied while rounding, but if it the application is void because I’m short 400 reads I understand :slight_smile: