Paid Stories Update ft Nick


I have a super serious question thats super urgent and relevant aswell, sorry if it’s already been asked i didn’t see it in finder. cheese cake or cookie cake, can only pick one


There is a chance you’ll get to 8k before they get to see your application maybe? I know they said they got a ton of applications and those take time to look at. Good luck!


Hey @nick

I have a question to you about the coins.

Why do I that uses the € currency have to pay more for the same amount of coins than someone that uses the $ currency?


The reason why I am so confused about this is that someone of HQ told me in the first thread about NextBeta now Paid Stories that this will not happen.


You’ll need to ping them in again too since that question is unfortunately outside my knowledge base. @Karin


Ok. Just thought that you would know it as you seem to run Paid Stories now.


Moreso the content part than the technical or monetary ones. It’s more complicated than I alone could hope to master.


ok :+1:
Then will I wait for her to answer


Conversion issue possibly?


The only reason I can think of are taxes.
But I am not really sure with that.


It’s not a conversion issue. 0.99 cents = 0.88 Euro.


I am new to wattpad as a story writer. started writing few das ago but i follow and have already completed more then 100 stories of some writers. so i hope this project will help everybody over here. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Wattpad and the forums :slight_smile:

You can have a look at this link for more info-


Is Greece in this list? if you could tell me please.


@VoulaGkemisi I’m afraid Greece isn’t included. Sorry.
The program is currently only running in the United States, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Great Britain.
The Paid Stories team know other regions are waiting for access to the program and the incredible stories that are part of it.
It’s important for them to ensure readers get the best experience, which is the reason they are slowly rolling out the program.

You can have a look at this link for more info-


@Nablai is right, Greece isn’t in the list…yet! I know they are working to roll the program out all over the world though, so your time will come :slight_smile:


It doesn’t have to work. Like many other wattpad features, it’s totally cool if half the things don’t work.


Yes, that kind of happens when the fun is at the users’ expense. Usability comes first but let’s not get into boring stuff like usability. Like, who needs that when you have cool stuff, amirite?


Hey @martzeztam!

Great questions. You’re super close. The cost of the Coin Packs is based on currency conversions and taxes, as defined by the app stores.

So, prices may differ in different countries because of conversion and how taxes are calculated. For some countries taxes are included in the total price, while for others (like Canada for example) you would pay taxes on top of the price shown in the Coin Shop.


Ok. Just hoped that there was something wrong and that the prices will change.


stupid question
I’m in the Netherlands but I’m an American, I’ve applied but i don’t see Europe on the list…will it not be processed because I’m currently living in the Netherlands?