Paid Stories Update ft Nick


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@nick I do have one question. This entire time, the program on the home page is still under the “Supported Stories” title. Will that change to reflect the new title of the program? I’ve seen some confusion from people about what “Supported Stories” means and if it’s different from the “Next/Paid” program. It might make things a lot easier if they were labelled the same.


I think one of the most important things to remember is that even though we have stories that you have to pay to read, almost all of us in the programme have free books too. :sparkles:


This page (under “Stories are then evaluated by an array of factors”) has the best articulation of what they’re looking for as far as books for the Paid Stories program:


Can I apply my Filipino Story?


For sure authors in the program will have some free content, but I’m thinking @GabrielleAlice22 is suggesting that there may a paid story someone wants to read but may not have the funds to purchasing coins to purchase the chapters.

Here’s hoping there are some sponsored surveys that grant coins in the future.


Agreed, I think they were also saying that they have decided not to participate because of that. Not that the program should change, only explaining their reasoning behind leaving their stories free.


Defo hoping for alternative options for coins too. It’s been really nice to have on other sites so you can still support content creators even if you don’t have the funds.


Webnovel has a great system set up for that. It rewards you for reading with “stones” which are used to unlock locked chapters, but they do expire at some point so you have to use them or you lose them. There’s plenty of good opportunities for you to earn them without paying, though, and it promotes activity and interaction on the stories and site.


Also super excited for this!!! Congrats to everyone in the program, and good luck to the people applying!


Is it possible to post more than one story? And, can they be complete or they have to be incomplete?


Though honestly, sometimes even I don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ first at all :joy:

That was just random talk, sorry.


I think this program is a really good idea for new authors. The majority of readers on this platform are between 13-18, and 18-25. They not gonna have enough money to pay for books. So they gonna go searching for unpaid stories. So new writers are going to get more reads, and old writers will get paid for their work. It’s a win-win situation.


Yes, this!


I didn’t think of this, but you’re right!


Right. Alas, the search function does not allow to exclude paid stories nor to focus on paid stories.


Yes, you can :slight_smile: Tagalog/Filipino stories are accepted. You can read Nick’s post here -


I’m not talking about “search” as a function. As far as I saw, there is an announcement on paid stories at the beginning “This story participates in <…>, and some chapters are free, but others <…> and etc”. So I can just leave a story like that immediately and move on to another story. I even assume some people will include in their tags “freestory” or something like that :slight_smile:


Hi Nick :wave:t3:

How does Premium affect Paid Stories? I was told during Beta that with Premium, you have access to paid stories without buying coins. Is that still true?

If so, do the writers in the paid stories program still see some sort of compensation when a Premium user reads their story? How does that work?

I clicked the link but didn’t see anything about Premium. Hope I didn’t just miss it. :flushed:


I see where @GabrielleAlice22 is coming from for sure, and hopefully some of Wattpad’s ideas for how to earn free coins will pan out for those younger people and those who can’t pay for coins. I agree with you @AWFrasier that I haven’t seen a writer in the program yet that doesn’t also have free selections to read too.

I just have one note to add in here that makes me glad this programs is here, and that’s the fact that some of those books may have left soon anyway to pursue a place where those authors could earn for their books. I’ve had so many books in my library that disappeared from here because the authors took them down to go find a way to publish them. Most of those I haven’t found published yet. That means the book is gone, I don’t have the chance to even pay to read it on here. So the argument of ‘now there is a book I can’t access’ doesn’t quite fit with how I see it. At least the book still exists on Wattpad as a published thing I can read. Maybe I have to wait for my birthday to get a $5 itunes card to buy the coins. Maybe I have to wait for their ‘earn free coins’ ideas to get tested. But at least that book is still here, and I don’t have to worry about ‘oh man this book is so good, that author will probably take it down soon to pursue publishing with it’. I see the program as KEEPING authors here, so that’ s my two cents.