Paid Stories Update ft Nick


Agree with you, Sabrina :slight_smile: Many writers were migrating to like sites Radish, Amazon 'coz they were getting paid for their stories. This was Wattpad’s way of retaining their community of writers while giving them the best in terms of money, expertise and a lot more. And I’m very happy at the success of the Paid Stories program.


Well if you’re looking for like non-story factors we might look towards, we do factor the time commitment as I’ve said. If someone appears to not do well under intense writing pressures because of their personal life or whatever other reason, we don’t want to bring even more stress and pressure into their life. We’ll consider how much of a burden it would be for someone who struggles to keep up with their own update schedule and goes on hiatus to join in with an incomplete story (if they have a complete one, less an issue). Basically it means we won’t override our desire to have a story with a writer’s personal health or wishes.

And then we also just generally see if you’re a member in good standing. You can be in here criticizing the program and saying you dislike how we launched or wish there were tipping options, etc, that’s totally fine, but if you’re notorious for trolling or being randomly rude to users or frequently getting in arguments, we’ll think twice.

In terms of the stories themselves, other than the 8K rule and generally looking to maintain diversity in content (we won’t add another science fiction story about teleporting teens fighting an alien zombie, for example, at least not for a long time), we’re looking for the ability of the story to captivate audience.

A lot of writers get wrapped up in objectively writing well, in making sure the story looks the prettiest or lacks spelling errors or has no adverbs or whatever other rules or things make writing “good” or “high quality” but this can often sterilize a story or they neglect the storytelling component itself. You can have a very well-written story that’s kind of pretty boring or full of plot holes or lacking characterization. Being a good writer or having a well-edited story doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great story being told. And vice versa for great storytelling bogged down by weak writing.


Yes, the names will change to mitigate that confusion down the line


Cool, thank you!


You can have multiple stories in Paid at once, that can be incomplete or complete. I doubt we would allow someone to have multiple incomplete stories at once though, it can be hard to keep up with yourself that way


Currently that is still true as a holdover from the beta but there’s some work being done there, so I couldn’t speak to it until that update and the decisions around it go out


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Whoops I’m sorry lol. I must not have visited your profile yet, just your book!


:grin: There’s a reason why I say I’m a small fish in our already very small pond.


Hey, you’re a beautiful example of a book that they wanted for the program that hasn’t gotten those huge heights of views yet! I believe you will, especially when you can someday click that ‘completed’ button. (mine didn’t get big until it was ‘completed’ either) Some people assume it’s the million read books that are of value to Wattpad and that isn’t true.


:kissing_heart: Thanks, hon.
But yeah, I think you’re right.


In the Wattpad Next Beta post, the application process said it accepted stories that are not yet started, is that true for Paid Stories? Or should i write the minimum 10,000 words and then apply again on the Paid Stories form?


That’s a very thorough answer. Thank you very much!


You can pitch an unwritten book, but you’ll still need to meet the 10,000 and other criteria on another project on your profile to show that you can do that. They aren’t going to take a new book pitch from someone who hasn’t written anything on Wattpad yet.


Having written for a living and learned about the advance/royalty system and also $-per-word, I have to ask what the rates are for paid stories. Is it pay-per-read? Is it a bulk program, where membership fees are pooled and distributed according to reads?

What percentage goes to WattPad? Does the writer’s share increase with the number of reads?

Is a writer in the program obligated to share proceeds of any further publication or sales (e.g. screen rights) with WattPad?


Same rules apply, nothing changed on applications


Users pay with coins, coins are worth dollars, those dollars are then split with the author, with the majority going to them. There’s no single pool or scaling earnings models or all those things.

If a very long story attracts a handful of readers who buy the whole thing, you might make as much as a more popular, shorter story. It’s between you and your audience and your writing, more or less.




So basically, if I put my complete story, the reader has to pay with coins for every chapter he reads or after a couple of chapters or just pays for the whole story?


Typically the stories I’ve seen are locked after a certain point.