Paid Stories Update ft Nick


I am so happy for seeing this whole paragraph. My writing is not perfect but I’ve been told my story is quite “out-of-the-box” but I get bashed constantly by users just because I have a coma out of place or my paragraph not being spaced enough. It can make a writer very depressed and I am guilty of losing focus on my story and nit picking on how perfect one chapter should be before I post another.

you have no idea how much your worlds just lifted a huge weight off me. I’ve been on wattpad for 5 years now and struggle finishing stories because of this.


That’s rather vague, but thanks.

What about rights? Does WattPad claim rights for paid stories? Or is it a simple fee-for-service deal?


Thank you for titling it Paid Stories rather than Next. It communicates it much more clearly, extremely clearly in fact. Please forward this to your marketing team because I want them to bask in this.


@sarakbeeksma Totally off-topic. Happy birthday :heart:


This is really great! So does that mean that it is past the betta testing now and is permanent?


Yup, the program is permanent :slight_smile: Other than the name change [Paid Stories], everything is the same.

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Happy birthday!!!

And to keep this on topic, I just found out a really cool author has been accepted into the program. I guess I’m going to use Paid Stories now… :joy::joy::joy: gotta give my favorite authors that sweet, sweet cash


It was probably vague since they can’t share contract details.

For rights,I don’t know what’s safe to say but I pretty much want so just say no. You aren’t losing anything by being in the program at all. But it is contracted to be exclusively on Wattpad while the book is in the program. That means no running off to put it on Tapas or Inkitt or wherever else at the same time.


Oh that’s great then!


Correct, after a set number of free parts, they can pay per part if they’re still not sure they’re super into the story or they can buy the whole thing outright.


Sorry, it’s not more complicated than that so I don’t know how to explain it deeper than just splitting the revenue from people purchasing the stories.

We have the right to distribute it on our platform but we don’t have your broader rights. We can’t go selling it to other parties or turning it into an audiobook or so on. I mean, we have partners who might want to, but you as the author would have to agree to anything since they’re your rights.


Woo! So glad you think so. Nick passed along and I had to come in here and say, “Thanks!”


Emma would you share with us the other names that were a possibility?


You and the whole team should honestly give yourselves a pat on the back for a job done par excellence, Emma :slight_smile:


Hello, @nick!

First, I am sorry if you have answered this question already. I have tried to follow the process closely, but I may have missed this information somewhere. :sweat_smile:

I was curious to know if buying all of the chapters outright comes with a discount over buying by the chapter, seeing as how it is a larger commitment on the reader’s part. I have heard of other platforms having similar rules, but I haven’t confirmed if Wattpad has incorporated discounts into package purchasing.

If it does, how does package purchasing affect updates on stories?

  1. If the reader pledges to continue to purchase the entirety of the story as it is presently and as it continues, will they receive a discounted rate for an automatic purchase of updates as long as they have Coins to pay for the new chapters (this system could be taken advantage of by authors posting many very small nothing chapters, but I imagine Paid Stories would monitor its selection of content and review tickets for such misconduct) - or if readers don’t have the Coins currently, will they receive the discount and automatic purchase as soon as Coins are purchased?
    All of this with the assumption that the pledge could be discontinued at any time by the reader.

  2. On the flip side, would they have to purchase updates to the story by the chapter at regular rates after purchasing the presently available chapters? (I could see readers being more reluctant to purchase uncompleted stories in this scenario.)

If Paid Stories does not have such a system now, are there currently plans for such a system in the future?

Huge fan of yours - well, of practically all of the Wattpad staff, but still! :giggle:


I came across this information:

But the questions under 1 and 2 are still unanswered by any material I have reviewed so far. There is only the statement that readers can:

Will this mean future chapters will be free? That seems unfair for an author that goes on to write many more chapters - the initial package purchase would not be appropriately priced.


So your question is that if you purchase the entirety of an incomplete story all at once, could you get a future discount on future parts?

I don’t believe you can buy an incomplete story all at once because it’s incomplete and we have no idea what the final length might be. We would have to update the price possibly twice a week as the author added new parts, so on, so there’s no like future pledging or early bird special.

Although an early supported special is an interesting concept, I’ll put it on the table of things to look over


Correct, and it appears that the answer is that readers do not currently have the “[unlock whole story] option” for incomplete stories - only complete ones?

Thank you for your response, and I am happy to have possibly introduced a new concept.

I think it would help readers that want a bang for their buck by offering a discount for incomplete stories they are certain that they wish to support, such as this case (assuming the story isn’t complete since it seems to be new information for her):

And I believe it would help writers who have yet to complete their story by possibly increasing the amount of supporters they have (since those that would otherwise wait until after the story was complete will be able to support them along the way), as well as increasing the author’s motivation to devote time toward making more chapters (because each chapter will have pledges behind it, meaning more profit with more updates) while maintaining a high quality (because the author would want to retain those pledges).

In any case, I am honored to stimulate development. Wattpad is always moving forward, and its ceaseless focus on its community astounds me. I’m sure that whatever comes of the idea, Paid Stories and other programs will continue to progress in the interest of contributing to the needs of the community. :hearts:


Is there ever going to be a situation where, rather than paying per a chapter for the books published, there is a subscription we can enlist to that allows us unlimited access to the Paid Stories that Wattpad provides?


It sits on that metaphorical table of ideas