Paid Stories Update ft Nick


The metaphorical table of ideas is my favourite place to hang out at Wattpad HQ. The chairs are really comfy and there’s tiny baby goats that jump around the room.


I knew the goats went to a petting zoo at HQ!


This visual pleases me greatly.


marketing is one of the few teams that consistently gets to live in that metaphorical table of ideas and bring them to life


How do you feed the goats tho?


Also, something that kinda bothers me a bit. In the application, it says that those denied applications will not receive any emails notifying that their application gets denied. Any particular reason why? A stock response would be nice.


Broadly, scale and size, there are a few other reasons too.

There are specific reasons too. I don’t send responses to scissors-themed stories, for example. Point of pride.


Scissors-themed stories do tend to be a contentious point for some. Dance based stories, however, I find more tolerable. But I get it. Its maybe too big of an operation to pull something like that. Would be nice at some point tho!


Like this:

Hire me Wattpad. No resume needed. All of my necessary qualifications are right there :point_up:t2:

Okay, back on topic. I’ll leave now.


Scissors stories know what they did


10/10 would totally hire.


Unspeakable horrors and Wendy’s advertisements to name a few.


Hj there! Do the books stay in the program for a specific amount of time? Like three months? Six months? A year? From what I understood, there are limited spots in the program. Will they be refreshed from time to time or will they stay there permanently if the author wants so?


So long as the other wants to participate and we also feel they’re a good partner, we would continue. But there is a minimum commitment with the program (so authors cannot join, clean up issues and get feedback and then immediately leave). We ask for that time commit as part of our time commit to the authors.


can i pay for stories with goat sacrifices @nick :goat::goat::goat:


You can’t even buy my love with them


mon dieu, nick, you break my heart how could u do this to me, i am shocked and slightly disappointed


I think the most atractive part of that program for me would be the feedbacks I could get. I think I seriously need some profesional advice if I wanna take my writing to the next level




Makes it transparent. You have “Mature” and “Not Mature”, so it’s clear to have “Paid” and everything else that is freely given by the blood, sweat and tears of a person.