Paid Stories Update ft Nick


I have Urban Fantasy - four books in the programme - if that helps?


Thanks but no thanks. Urban fiction isn’t urban fantasy. Some people always confuse the two when they hear it.


I’m sorry nick but Girls who dreamt of Castle isn’t no way an urban fiction story. It is what the author classified it as and that is chicklit.


Congrats Fray


Are the rates negotiable? And do they vary based on popularity, books published on WP, etc.?


I’m sorry this is so long, these are just my personal opinions.

I think it’s great that Wattpad writers can now get paid. Only, I think a lot of people before liked to be on Wattpad because it was a place where everyone was pretty much writing for fun. Stories didn’t have to be set in stone because they weren’t being monetized. Yes, people can still write for fun on Wattpad, but now there’s something to separate writers - money. Now, any new Wattpad user can separate “average” writers from “good” writers - they’re near the top of the Wattpad page and they’re getting paid. It sort of takes away from the old, easygoing atmosphere that I liked before, where no one was necessarily getting paid for writing.

I saw a comment on another post about the new pay-to-read service that had what I thought was a good idea: For every recurring period of time, - say, for every month - you are given a certain amount of free chapters for stories in the Wattpad Paid Stories program. can use those free chapter reads on either the same story or different stories, but once you run out of those free chapters, you then have to pay for more. I think that might be better, but again, I might be wrong.


Thanks for the correction. I was calculating cents and put a dollar sign in without fixing the zeros.


So writers are asked to sign up without knowing what they’ll be paid?



Note: This is all supposition based on the business end as seen by a professional author. I have no inside information.

Assuming the coins charged are based on chapter size, Wattpad can tailor the cost for a fair split along those lines. For most stories, they probably can’t match the kind of split that KDP does (70 percent) for their prime price range, but I imagine they’re at least looking at the low-end Amazon split (35 percent).

If the do an Unlimited system, it’s likely to be more in line with other content-pay programs, like the Kindle Unlimited pool.

For reference, a full read of one of my books on KU is around $2 to the author on the average month. Which breaks down to about 1 cent for every 425 words.

That’s a pool system of course, which they’re more likely to use if they offer an Unlimited Read feature and have to split the profits with all qualified authors.


I"m in the paid program and can’t give specifics. I can, however, say that for me, the payout exceeds KU (I’m also in KU).


Are you referring to if the contract we sign has the percentage we will make out of the total profit? If so, yes we know that number before signing.


The same is true for any author. You can’t know how much you’ll make because you can’t know how many will buy your book. That’s no different than any other areas of retailing.


I take it you’ve never seen a publishing contract.


Cool, that’s a pretty decent rate then. The KU pools have been getting more diluted over the last 18 months or so; maybe some competition will kick them back into shape. :slight_smile:


Why can’t you?

You do have two books in a program that is not as saturated as Kindle Unlimited. Can we have a prospective from someone that only has one?


So it goes by monthly earnings or are yall paid every three months?


Company policy. There is a limit to what info they[Paid Stories writers] can share with the public. Signing on the dotted line also means adhering to the rules and regulations of Wattpad.
You can read Nick’s post here-


That’s good. But I can certainly understand more as to why WP might be more strict of what content is selected for Next at the same time.


As with many publishing contracts — every one I’ve signed, at least — there is a nondisclosure agreement.


Also, I’m comparing earnings on a single book on Wattpad vs. earnings on a single book in KU.

Remember, to achieve any amount of profit in KU in contemporary romance, one must spend money on ads and promo. There’s no way around that. I spend a lot of money each month. I know people who literally spend tens of thousands every month.

I don’t need to spend money to promote my Wattpad Paid Stories. That right there is invaluable.

Of course, YMMV based on your genre. Contemporary romance in KU is a whole other kettle of fish.