[Pandora] Private group. LOOKING FOR MEMBERS! ^^


Well put, child:clap: ^^

Hmm I’ll see what I can do about that. But, if this group does do good in the future, I might put up official blog or at least an official collective account on Wattpad


Is there any specific time or date when it will start? :sweat_smile:


I’d love to join if you will have me!

My name’s Lærke, and I’m 20 years old. I write fantasy, sci-fi, teen fiction, and romance mainly c:


Hello child:blush:

I’m still waiting for more people to join. Would you be interested? ^^


Hello! Everyone is welcome to join ^^

But at some point I think I’ll put out a initiation test to prove who’s really interested and would devote to the idea of the group ^^


That sounds like a good idea. Let me know when you do! <3


Yes, i am :sweat_smile:


I admit, I’m intrigued. My name is Cris, I’m 21, and I like to think I’m a pretty diverse writer. I like to write dark fantasy/supernatural and a little romance among other things. I have a lot of experience writing in groups off of Wattpad, but I’m curious to give it a try here. I think writing in collaboration with people is a great way to form friendships with like minded individuals but also become a stronger writer all at once. Like I said, I’m genuinely interested so please considering adding me.


What would be the lower age limit your looking at?


Julie here(prefers Jay), 19 year old female.
I can pretty much write any genre but prefer fantasy, romance, action and horror.
I’m still pretty new to wattpad so I’m currently just putting all my work up.
(Profiles are JadedSenpai and bakafreak)


Hello, it’s me again and forgive me for disappearing I’ve been contemplating the past 2 months.


Hey, I’m in!
My name is…well you can call me Exa :slight_smile: I’m 16 yrs old. Hehehehe


I’m Jackson, but you can call me NASA. I am 17, and a somewhat decent writer.


Is this still open? Because id like to try and join. I like romance and fantasy.

My name is Stephanie and I’m 16 years old


Still open people ^^. Although I have to ask all of you which media platform you guys are comfortable using? You know we can all find each other in one place.


Hey! I’d like to join.
I’m Nata and 18 years old.

I loved Romance and YA when I was younger but getting into more SiFi and Fantasy as I get older. (And I LOVE horror movies - haven’t really read them as books though).


I’d like to join this group.

18 yrs old and name is Waddles minus the 777.

Like Horror, Fantasy and Action. Would be down to try other genres though.


Hi, I’m Haruka,
I’m 15 years old and I Love to Write Fanfiction, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Humor, Drama and musical books.

I’m Truly Willing to join in because I have the Passion to write some fantastic books and you guys can help me improve my writing and help me plan my story.

I like my stories to be to in the age group of 13-19 years of age.

I want my fans of these stories to appreciate my writing skills and help me become a better writer.