Parents Of Wattpad

I think it would be neat to discuss being parents and get advice from like minded people around the world. Even if you don’t need advice and just want to talk about being parents it doesn’t matter.

You could be a teen parent, adoptive or foster parent, guardian or even a big brother or sister that has stepped up to the plate, everyone is welcome. Even if you are struggling with infertility issues or pregnant, lets talk. All I ask is

I am a 40 something mother of two, former social worker specializing in child welfare, wife and Wattpad junkie.

I have given birth and adopted, my kids are 16 and 12.

My biggest challenges as a parent would be discipline. I’m way too easy on my kids.

Also, how do you find time to Wattpad?

I am by no means a parent, but I am interested in, are your kids on Wattpad? Do they enjoy books or writing? Or are they not taking after you in that aspect?

I’m a parent of one though I helped raise my (live in) niece and nephews before having a child of my own so I knew what I was in for.

I don’t really find time for wattpad. Whenever I’m on here I am totally neglecting something like sleep, or writing. I’m often on wattpad during my commute. Aaannnd I’m now at work. :joy:

How did you adopt, if you don’t mind me asking? How was your experience with adopting? I’m asking because my wife and I are working through the process of foster-to-adoption right now. We have an interview with one of the agency representatives on the 11th. I just haven’t found many there people who have been through the same process who I could ask questions to.

I am a parent
I have a four year old daughter
How do I find time for wattpad
I don’t sleep
That’s how

I’m a mother of one.

And I go on Wattpad when he’s at school or when he’s sleeping :sleeping:

My sister abandoned the child. We were unable to get any adoption assistance so the process took us four years, three attorneys and our entire savings. In our state the foster care program helps with the financial portion of adoption which is nice, but we made too much money to qualify. We couldn’t even get WIC or anything to help with the baby and we were so young. I was a social worker so some people made more money flipping burgers than I did at the time.

The bio dad was in prison so it was easy as far as him but my sister would show up just enough to fight but then disappear again. We tried to help her get on her feet and raise her baby but she fought us on that too. She would eat up our retainers just in arranging visits the judge ordered then just not show up.

We were young and newlyweds when it happened. It was so hard but my husband is a good man and stuck it out for our little girl. She was two weeks old the first time my sister disappeared. That was Christmas and she left her two older children too, but thank god they had a father.

We were nowhere near ready to be parents but for her, we would have done anything. Parental rights are important but when they override the child’s its sad. My daughter never bonded with her birth mother, it was always myself and my husband. Things got so bad, we would get threats from her “friends” and visits in the middle of the night. We had to change our phone number and move. My daughter is 16 now and we won’t allow my sister near either of our children. It was a long road but our daughter is an honor student, busy with band, a part time job and has a lot of friends. All the hardships were totally worth the chance to be her parents.


I recently rented a limo for my daughter and thirty of her friends, to go clubbing on her thirtieth birthday. It was so much freaking fun, I could have died.

I also have a nine year old daughter and a twelve year old son. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a blast!

OMG. I was up partying until 6:30 AM. Everybody was so cool.
And the limo was AWESOME! :slight_smile:


I’m 18 and my brother is 5, mom’s always ill and it’s just me taking care of him the whole time - from feeding him to everything. So, does that means I can be here?

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Absolutely! I hope this is a great place for you to vent and get advice.

Thank you. Though he’s five, he’s usually very disciplined, he irritates less but when he has his mood swings things escalate to worse. Lol

I remember that age. I actually was 15 when my brother was born and there are no siblings between us. I took care of him a lot and it was never easy. My sister had her firstborn nine months earlier and she was never around so I was really busy as a teen!

I have two boys - ages 14 and 12. They’re both on the Autism Spectrum and I’m a big advocate of neurodiversity.

What is neurodiversity? I haven’t heard of that yet.

Just embracing the idea that brains work differently. Everyone can learn if we find the way they need to be taught.

Not making my kids feel like some sort of curse or affliction that needs to be cured. Helping them understand that “normal” is a setting on the clothes dryer and not meant for people.

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Wow, almost similar situation…

Back when I coached Special Olympics one of my friends dad passed away. I told him his dad is in heaven (his parents were religious), wasn’t feeling pain anymore and his heart was all better. He asked if god would fix him when he dies. The thought made me so sad because I love him for who he is and I said no, because there’s nothing to fix. That he was perfect just the way he is, and God doesn’t make mistakes.

I went home that night and felt so down. Its so sad that society can’t just grasp our differences because we are all unique. He always had such a huge smile on his face and he would light up a room. He had a job at a restaurant and people would come from all over just to visit him at work. So many people love him and nswear he kept that restaurant from going under. We do all learn differently and if we didn’t we would all the same and boring. I know my life at that time would have been boring without my friends from special olympics.

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My brother was a handful! Yesterday, he graduated college. Enjoy it now because they grow up so fast!