Are there any Wattpad writers who use Patreon as a method of income or pocket change? How do you manage tiers and come up with incentives? Has it benefited you?

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, and although I don’t have a large following, I don’t see the harm.

Thoughts? Has anyone else considered joining?


Lurking to see answers!


I remember I spoke about this with someone in another thread, but now I can’t remember specifics.

But, I’m in the same situation of not having used Patreon but having had looked into it in the past.

I’m not sure how it works with predominantly text-based content creators.

I suspected, but really still don’t know, that one would have to have some accompanying merchandise to offer.

I could be way off on that. IDK.


I know a couple of wattpad users that have patreons.

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I don’t think you would necessarily need accompanying merchandise (though it would probably be helpful), but I can see it being useful if you have an uploading schedule or do short stories or poems.

I’ve considered using it for releasing chapters early, extras like short stories related to my main works, and etc. Still trying to think of more ideas that don’t include naming my characters after patrons through lol


I went to compile a list of wattpad users I know have patreon.






It seems like early access is a common approach.


Thank you!

It’s nice to see that they have varying amounts of followers on Wattpad. Early access does seem to be a theme too so I’d definitely have to include that.


No problem!

I’m thinking of setting one up too, but it’ll probably be a joint effort between me and a friend. I don’t think I write fast enough to commit to early access.


I try to write a massive chunk of the book before starting to post because I can’t write as fast as I’d like to either. I’m sure you could come up with lots of ideas though that don’t necessarily require early access.


My experience and understanding of Patreon is that you are a content provider and you have incentives (that are tiered) that are applicable for each patron depending on the donation.

Deviant Art is a great place where there is a ton of artists using Patreon to give them money and more exposure, but as writers go…?

My advice is to wait until you have something either ready to go–publishing wise–or have a few books published before you start doing this.

Definitely agree. Thankfully I have a small following on my book series and have a book ready to upload. I’m still debating exactly on timing.

I have seen quite a few writers on Patreon now since I started doing research now so it is totally viable for writers.


There’s a lot of writers on Patreon. There’s a few options of what you could do, but really it’s up to you to get creative!

Some ideas:

  • Patreon-exclusive short stories or a novella
  • A snippet from future work
  • A preview into your writing process
  • A critique for higher tiers
  • Q&A

The possibilities are really endless if you have the audience!


If you have a matter of timing, it could be at any time. But I would also suggest that you build up your audience as well.

Deviant Art is your best bet as far as writers and artists go. That platform has an impressive following and people do often hit the user’s Patreon pages there quite frequently.

But you have to work for it. I used to use it as a platform for some of my writing 11 years ago. But now, it’s turning into an expose into my Star Trek sagas that I got going with a fellow Deviant Art user whom commissions artwork for me and I turn it into a story.

So far, the responses have been pretty solid. A lot of people want me to write that fan-fiction book based on the series, but I keep telling them, it’s going to take awhile.

But in the meantime…? They have plenty of choice artwork commissions to choose from.

And I started this last year and I have about 154 followers now. It’s good progress.

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Except getting anywhere on DeviantArt is practically impossible. I mean, unless you draw My Little Pony or take crappy pictures of naked women in awkward positions. As much as I love DeviantArt and have been a member over there for 12 years, it’s really not a site for undiscovered peeps.

And then there’s the whole mess with their point system. Patreon is far better if you’re looking to actually make some money.

About DeviantArt’s points.


I’ve noticed a lot of readers like YouTube videos if anyone’s up for that.

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There’s more to drawing pictures of naked women and Brony art on Deviant Art. There’s a few famous artists on that site that has a huge following. One in particular–Piper Thibodeau–used to work as an animation artist for Dreamworks.

And being on Deviant Art is more than just acquiring points or collecting cool art, it’s about connecting with fellow writers and artists and having a blast.

And anyone can build a following on that site. It just takes time. Like I said, I’ve been on there 11 years–the last year active–and I’m having a grand ol’ time.

Plus, I’m building a following and a rep for having killer artwork and story lines and that could easily translate to future exposure and book sales–especially since I’ve been looking around on that site for people to do character and book commissions for my novels.

And while that costs money, it’s well worth the effort.

Add to the fact, the site is more policed and structured so that–hehe–personal bullying and harassment doesn’t go unchecked. (Unlike some sites I know.)

Here’s a link to my page.

And Artgerm and Stjepan Šejić work for DC Comics. Stjepan also sells his own comics. Sakimichan has made bank on selling her NSFW pieces on Patreon. Kuvshinov Ilya makes bank there too. Talking about the stars over there as if it happens to everyone is like dropping Anna Todd’s name on Wattpad. People have made their career on tons of sites, but they’re really not the norm.

I know. But in the context of the thread, we’re talking about making some money.

I’ve been there for 12 :woman_shrugging: It’s a hard site to get on, because there’s sooooo many people on it. And if people are just looking for a community, they can find one equally as good on Wattpad. So it’s rather irrelevant to bring that up here, tbh.

Hm, I gotta go hard on disagreeing there. Throughout the years I’ve seen some absolute shit modding over there. People have been mercilessly harassed, art thievery is running rampant and their mods do nothing.

While I really like DeviantArt and love the community over there, it’s not really a place to put all of your effort into. It’s becoming more and more obvious they think more of their senior members and stars, rather than all of their user base. Oh and money, obviously. The reason so many DeviantArtists move all of their business to Patreon is because the money side of it is shitty. The points are crap and DeviantArt takes a large cut of a deal. You don’t see a whole lot of the very big artists (like the ones I mentioned above) doing any business on DeviantArt. It’s all Patreon based.


Yeah, I’m not even going to look in DeviantArt’s direction for anything but visual art. I looked into the literature side a few years ago and wasn’t impressed. It doesn’t have anything that Wattpad can’t offer and not what I need in terms of growing my career (and cash flow). Glad it’s working for you though @SchuylerThorpe6 !


With Patreon, I’d go with what @MakaylaSophia mentioned. Little novellas, extra scenes, maybe even high-resolution cover art (if you own the rights of course) and just extra little things you can offer your patrons.