People in their 20s from all around the world

Hola! Soy nueva en este lado de Wattpad y me gustaría conocer a gente de todo el mundo. Me uní hace muy poco y al no encontrar gente que hable en español por acá se me ocurrió hacer este tema. Cómo están? De dónde son? Qué idiomas hablan?

Hello! I’m new to this side of Wattpad and would like to meet people from all over the world. I have joined very recently and since I didn’t find people who speak Spanish around here it occurred to me to do this theme. How are you? Where are you from? What languages do you speak?

I’m doing great. I speak Spanish, I’m Mexican. I’m living in Florida currently.

Wow! No creí que esto tuviera ninguna interacción jajaja

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And where are you from?

I didn’t notice that I didn’t wrote it and that was going to be the first thing that I was going to write! I’m from Argentina and I speak Spanish and a little bit of English


Hiii, I came across this thread by mistake but I’m glad I did.
I’m not new to Wattpad, but I’ve never been SUPER active in the forums until recently. Also, I don’t speak Spanish. Buuuut I am in my twenties and I wouldn’t mind making some new friends. :grinning:

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Well, I’ve just met this side of wattpad and I think this is my 3rd or 4th day in here. How old are you?

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I used to check out the forums in my earlier days of Wattpad but then I kind of just stopped. Until recently that is.
I’m 21 soon to be 22. Next week actually lol. What about you?

Hi there! Forums are kind of new for me too. Actually I didn’t know that this one existed :see_no_evil: But I found so many useful tips and improved a lot so I’m happy I found it.
I’m 21 btw, a university student forced to spend the summer at the family house because of coronavirus.
Now, I know people have it worse and I’m lucky that I’m healthy but half a year at home is just too much :joy: I have no friends here (My university is in a different city) so I might as well make friends on this forum haha

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That’s great! I’m 20 since last April.
When is your birthday? We could throw a party in here for you hahaha

I know! Being at home and not seeing your friends for so long sucks, but sadly is the best we can do now. The only thing that makes me going out of my house is doing the groceries (I think that is the expression, I’m not so good in English but I’m trying to improve) with my mom, but the grocery store is only a few streets away from my home, so it’s a short time of being outside and I think that time serves to distract me a little of being inside all the time.
Let’s be friends, then! I’m not going to a university, but I’m studying to be a teacher of English. The institute is in my city but we still have online lessons an I think that we’re having them until september

I’m fine. I’m from the Bronx NY. I speak English and the occasional spanglish (still learning)


@malenafranze haha my birthday is the 17th

@AgathaM99 lol I understand the pain. I am very glad to hear that you’re healthy and staying safe though!
I’m starting to learn that the forums are a great place to meet more people in Wattpad. Being a reader I was never super active in the threads, I just hunted for books and that’s all. But now that I’ve taken the time to peek in and talk with some people, I’m starting to see what I’ve been missing lol.

I’m not a native English speaker too. But I travel (at least I used to) a lot so I guess I’m semi-fluent. English teacher? That’s exciting! I’ve always had a lot of respect for teachers. The job is not for me though. It requires tooooo much patience and I’m ready to kill my 10yo brother when I help him with his homework.

There are many interesting people here. And everyone brings something to the table. Yesterday, I read a thread about the first chapters and their impact on the reader. There was a guy there, that showed me very interesting youtube lectures so after watching them I’ve edited my first chapter once again.

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Well, thank you! I don’t have so much patience either, but I really like the content of the subjects and the language has called my attention since I was a little girl, so here I am hahaha

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At least you can say you had your calling. When I was choosing my major I was so confused. I have to many interests. At the end I wrote down every single major I was thinking about and considered each one of them from the economic point of view. Then I chose the most profitable haha I don’t regret that decision and I don’t hate engineering but I can’t tell that it’s my calling.

I never looked at my major from an economic standpoint, other than the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to be making 80 out the door. At the same time, however, I knew from the day I first picked up a pencil that I was going to be a writer. To say my grandfather was disappointed would be an understatement, though lol

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There’s always a lot of pressure coming from the family :sweat_smile: they want us to be doctors, lawyers or engineers and everything else is never enough.
I’m not saying that I chose to pursue engineering JUST by considering the economic stand point, but since I’ve never had one strong, particular calling for anything it was the best choice for me :hugs:
I’m enjoying it so far, I’m just not “feverish” about it, nor do I lose sleep over it.
You’re lucky you’ve always known what you want you want to do :grin: