People protesting about stories being deleted.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying they’re temporarily removing or moving their stories to other platforms because WP is taking down stories without a reason.

I feel like we need to stop and take a breath here before making rash decisions. Let’s play devil’s advocate for a second.

I’ve seen a lot of hearsay, she said, he said situations and reposting of what this person said, I know someone that had it done. Everyone seems to know someone in these situations, don’t they? There needs to be more substantial evidence than that. There needs to be proof.

What if you’re not getting the full story? What if the story did violate the TOS but the author was never informed?

Temporarily removing your books. Is removing 50, a 100 or even 1000 books going to make a difference in the sea of millions of books already here? Chances are WP won’t even notice.

Your readers. By removing stories without completion will only punish your readers for something someone else did (WP, another author) Let’s face it loyal readers (or even readers for some) are not easy to find here on WP.

Thoughts? Is there anything else on the flip side people need to think rationally about?

Wattpad doesn’t delete stories out of the blue. They always check if someone broke the terms and conditions, I think people are overreacting.


The thing is, sometimes mistakes are made.

Sometimes WP does actually delete books that don’t break any sort of guideline and then refuse to put the book back up without explanation. It’s happened before so I can see why people are upset, especially if the books are just deleted with no explanation

Other times, the books are deleted with good reason because they break guidelines. Sometimes the author knows this.

Both scenarios happen


Personally I think it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if people were provided explaination for why their stories were taken down. At least then they’d be given a reason for why it happened :thinking:


If a story is reported then the Trust and Safety team will look at the report, check the story and that story will only be removed if the T&S team agree that the story is contrary to our guidelines. Reporting a story goes not guarantee its removal.

If anyone has had a story removed and they disagree with the removal or have questions as to why it has been removed then they can submit a ticket to the team here -

I hope that helps a little.

Cheers, Gav


I think there should be a better process when it comes to stories being removed.

When someone turns a book in, after the bot and/or people go through, if a story is deemed to have broken rules, I believe it should be moved to ‘drafts’ with an email sent to the writer, stating what said issue was. They should have the opportunity to correct the issue, contact Wattpad, and have the bot go through it again, allowing it to be republished if the issue is resolved.

Unfortunately, an author is rarely given a reason for the book being removed, and I think this needs to change. If the reason isn’t valid, they know enough about the issue to fight it. If the reason is valid, they can better learn what is not acceptable on wattpad (many rules are very gray).


I agree with this. Some people might have broken the rules by accident, and it’s almost certain that they’ve put a lot of hard work into writing it. They should be given a chance instead of having their work deleted straight away


I know a friend who’s account was suspended due to something he did on threads. Except I was there to see what he did on threads and he did nothing wrong.

But as far as I know, Wattpad ambassadors are judge,jury and executioner. So really if Wattpad decide to remove you, you pretty much have no rights.

You can try submit a ‘ticket’ as far as I know. But really you’ll just get a copy pasted answer that doesn’t really help you much.

I’m still here, but it was the reason quite a few of my friends left.


I’m so with you here, not just with stories but just as a general rule throughout wp. They need to be way more transparent.


One of my readers’ story got deleted once because some prick reported it for fun. He later got it back, but then, his account got suspended for weeks. Turned out to be a false alarm again

Once I reported a whitephobic bully troll who felt good to tell everyone to f*ck off and also write trash about other users (like me) in the published “books”. Somehow, it’s still on Wattpad, but at least, being quiet. Thanks to me



The moderators should really start paying attention otherwise, the site’s standards are gonna be dropped even lower. While we are already in deep sh*t


I took all my stories down yesterday. It’s the third time that I am doing it but, this time, it’s for good. I came back because I received a lot of private messages from people asking me to comeback, if I complied at first… my motivation is gone. But I won’t leave completely because there are a few authors that I am faithful to, and a few books that I am reading periodically… my Wattpad journey as an author came to an end though. I prefer to focus on my job, and my offline writings… I can’t afford to write here and worry for my books, always wondering: Will my stories be deleted? Will someone steal them? Will they ever reach their audience?.. I am done.

I think the least Wattpad can do is give a prior notice to the author, especially when it’s only about the nature of the content, when there’s no copyrights violations. People spend years here, putting their lives between brackets… that’s too much of a sacrifice to see their hard work go up in smoke. Wattpad can at most unpublish their works and ask their authors to edit them or censor a few parts… I know at least two authors who have lost their books because they didn’t have a copy saved elsewhere, they thought they’d do it once their drafts completed… they didn’t have that chance!

At least, as a random reader, I am safe. It’s selfish but at least I am at peace with myself. I don’t need more stress.


It sucks because Wattpad is the only site that allows a big variety of stories, meanwhile sites like Inkitt or and Royal Road are very normative and stuck-up

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I only have one question: why would Wattpad delete books/users that don’t break the guidelines? What’s the benefit for them? These rumors have gotten out of control and totally if I see: Wattpad ambassadors are judge,jury and executioner. So really if Wattpad decide to remove you, you pretty much have no rights.


It would only work in their disadvantage: more users, more resources to run Wattpad.


People forget most stories break guidelines on wp to start with. Its just when they do ban a book the process has been so private that nobody really knows what the hell happened.

When there’s no enough information, cue rumour mill.

Then here we are, with threads like these.


Yeah, but to find a book to read here isn’t an easy task. If it allows a “big variety of stories”, the categorization is awful. Every time I look for a new book to read, I have to swim through a sea of fan-fictions… it doesn’t make the reading experience enjoyable. It’s easier on other platforms. This is maybe the reason why I always read the same authors on Wattpad… along with the books that other readers recommend to me. I tell myself that if I can’t find books to read, chances are my target audience won’t find my books either.


I feel along these lines. Wattpad is an amateur site with a lot of inexperienced writers, and some heavy themes sometimes executed for the sake of sensationalism and reads that may take them over the line. In the end of the day, WP has the right to control the content. I actually self-deleted one of my stories long ago when I felt it was too much for WP. There are mature sites or the sites that like Tapas who have Mature portal. And tbh, what I saw there as Mature is really, really explicit


I think this is where the problem lies; authors are complaining that their books are being taken down for “no good reason” and that they didn’t break the guidelines, or that they weren’t warned/notified about it.

I think it’s more likely that their stories DID break the guidelines but for whatever reason there’s a lack of communication/understanding between the author and WP.

Also, I thought taking down a book was the last resort so if you’ve had that happen you’ve either done something serious or have had previous multiple warnings to fix things.

I understand people want to support their friends but these kinds of things should always stay between WP and the author, not the wider community. I mean what if the author is not giving you the full story of what happened? You’re deciding the fate of your own books on their word.

Lastly, if you don’t save your work elsewhere this isn’t WP’s fault. Be smart about it.


That’s why I think there’s a need for more transparency. At the moment if something of yours gets removed they don’t really specify much. You just get a very corporate message that mostly tells you to refer to the guidelines.