Persistent glitch report: Multiple new story posts getting no views whatsoever.

This has been consistently happening to me for months through several posted stories throughout the past several months, all of which have less than ten views up to right now, and I have contacted about it several times to report the obvious technical error that is stopping my content from appearing to the public like everything else does, and every time they claim there is no such problem, even though there obviously is as it is statistically impossible for my stories to get such nonexistent attention. Please help… this is infuriating…

Uh, not to be rude, but did you consider that maybe it’s just as simple as not that many people are reading your stories?


That’s obviously the problem; literally read my post.

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I went to your page and, judging by your last announcement, it looks like all your content is showing up.

And if your content wasn’t showing up, you’d probably have zero reads, not less than ten (unless you’re viewing your own work repeatably over several days).

Unless your reply meant that the problem is people aren’t bothering to read your work in which case, what’s the point of this thread?


How exactly is it statistically impossible? Could you elaborate on which part is clearly a bug? It’s a well-known thing that new stories aren’t as easy to find with Wattpad’s current algorithm, so you may just have to give it more time.

I checked your profile real quick, and it looks like it could also be the fact that you write for a niche audience.


Your content is most likely being seen every time you update, but the problem is Wattpad is over saturated. There are over five HUNDRED MILLION stories on Wattpad and it’s unlikely your work is staying up long enough to be noticed. Like everyone else both new and old, you’re going to have to do the leg work to promote your stories. Join a book club, reply to reading requests, enter contests etc.

There’s also this thread that’s worth looking at: The Big Thread On How To Get Reads


It looks like their “stories” are rap videos so I doubt joining a book club, replying to reading requests, entering contests etc would work for them or be possible on this site.

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Oh boy. :sweat_smile: Wattpad is a story sharing site, I wonder how that works.


:woman_shrugging: I might be wrong, I didn’t actually click on any, but at the beginning of each blurb it says video and each one is titled “rap battle #” so…

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I hope this doesn’t come off as sounding rude, but here goes…

I don’t think you quite understand the way statistics work if you are making this statement.


So several people responded here, and yet no one gave any actual answer?

The stories of mine in question have been up for MONTHS.

We gave you alternative explanations other than it being a bug. Possible reasons your stories aren’t getting a lot of views:

  • Stories aren’t in the spotlight for long due to thousands of stories being published every day
  • Readers aren’t interested in your genre and either skip it or don’t search for it to begin with
  • Readers see that there is only one part to the story and think it not worth their time
  • The audience that would be reading your stories don’t know you exist due to lack of marketing on your end
  • People may be more interested in listening/watching a rap battle than reading one, and thus are not enthused to check it out
  • Wattpad doesn’t have a good search algorithm and favors stories with more votes/comments/reads than those that don’t have such, leading to a cycle of invisibility that is hard to escape

And, of course,

  • Notifications of your new uploads aren’t showing up in your followers’ feed

Yes, it is possible that alerts are broken and followers don’t see your story. But all of the above are also possible, and should be taken into consideration moving forward. Advertising yourself on wattpad is difficult and takes time and effort, and with the new home page design coming up and work being done on that end, perhaps it’ll get easier in the future.


Many answers were given. Perhaps just not ones you liked?


I don’t think this is a glitch. 45% of stories on Wattpad (and there are, again, hundreds of millions of them) have only 1 or 2 reads. If you want to increase your visibility, be sure to interact with other stories and other users and ask for feedback here on the forums regarding your covers and summaries. Best of luck!


There’s stories that get million and millions of reads and comments and yet I struggle to get ONE. I’m not popular but I’m active in the community, I’ve invited people to WATTPAD.

I tried to share my story. I truly love Wattpad, but my story doesn’t get reads because it available in a little tiny place only seen by a small group of people.

If a million saw it, I’d at least have a few. I’m not important enough for my works to be seen but I still love Wattpad.

Every book with millions of reads started with none, and every author with hundreds of thousands of followers began as a nobody. Everyone’s reach begins very, very small–and there are a handful of ways to grow it.

  1. Stick around. Seriously, the longer you’re active and productive on Wattpad, the more your audience will grow. Most “popular” authors have been around for years. People have had a lot of time to find them.
  2. Finish your books. It’s HARD, but if you want readers, this is the single best way to get them. Readers on Wattpad prefer full-length novels (fun fact: about 90% of Wattpad stories are not complete!)
  3. Improve. Practice your writing, watch cover-making tutorials, compare your blurb to blurbs on Goodreads. Strive to make your work as attractive to readers as it can be, and seek to understand what would make people skip over your book if they saw it on their homepage.
  4. Network with authors in your genre. Find people who write the kind of stuff you do, become their friends/allies, and support each other.
  5. Write a trendy genre/trope and get lucky (hint: this is actually the hardest one on the list).

Red flag

Red flag

Red flag


Going to lay it a bit blunt for you.

Quite frankly, even if I DID happen to see your work, this thread alone would probably make me avoid it like the plague. Maybe it’s not a glitch, or the quality of your content, but your attitude.


You are very,very right. All this is a lot, but it does do good things for you. I’ve been with Wattpad 5 years+. People that have read my stories like them. But all the reads came to a complete stop a month ago. Even the countries went from nine to zero. A story can’t be read if is not seen. Ask me any question and thanks for being there for us. I still love love the hec out of Wattpad.

September is a slow month on Wattpad. Most writers see their reads slow down when the school year is starting up–even the ones with millions of reads. Your story is still visible. There are just fewer people looking, and they may not be clicking on your story even if they see it.