Do your stories have phoenixes? What is their speciality?

In my books phoenixes are daemons (spirit beings) who can be called into the world upon the command of a shaman or a warlock to serve as army killers. In their normal form they look like falcons (big enough to carry a grown man on its back) with red, gold and orange feathers and they always have a flaming aura around them. Sometimes when they’re battling an entire army of people, they dive into the ground to explode and then rise again and slowly reform themselves into the birds. If I phoenix is heavily injured or too tired to continue, they explode and die (to be recalled later). They also have some other powers like firebomb, healing ray, fire breath or explode. And finally, phoenixes with ice powers are also not heard of, which shoot ice instead of fire and freeze people with their explosion.

What do you think? What about yours?


Ah no… there’re no phoenixes in my world!

Phoenixes as in the actual beings? No… but there’s a race of people in my setting who kinda behave like phoenixes. IE die and reincarnate through fire. Some differences, of course.

Idk, firebomb sounds really destructive and I am always concerned about the repercussions supermagical powers have on common folk. Who’s there to put out the fires started by these phoenixes?

As for me, I’ve got this phoenix-person and his mum.

He’s a complete tit, but he’s good at making clockwork trinkets. His mother is a Goddess, but there’s no actual show of any super magical powers beyond immortality. They’re just shiny, golden and super obnoxious (prior to his character arc where he becomes slightly more self-aware, but still a bit of a tit)

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Firebomb is like a phoenix’s poop, and it’s extremely hot fire. And the only way to stop its fire is using ice magic.

Cool, so your phoenix is a human too, right?

I call that too much curry, myself.

Mine’s not human (humans don’t exist in that world), he’s just what’s pictured there. I named the race Amphoerix, and they’re close to harpies and tengu (evolved from them, even). Aside from his mother and he, the rest have plumage resembling different birds. That one there is one of my absolute favourite characters to write though because he’s got so much peacock+fantasy prince mixed into his personality.

I have the Chinese/East Asian set up of Phoenixes augmented ever so slightly with the European version. I did a huge amount of research in order to pull it off. I have plans to write and publish it.

Since phoenix are said to be asexual naturally, it’s a good opportunity to be inclusive of it.

It might be because I have a soft spot for the fire bird of Russian Mythology. Or it might also be that my Korean father’s birth dream for me was a Korean version of a phoenix, but I did a lot of research to make sure it all fits. I’ve been nursing the idea for a long time and still have yet to see people do it.

In my world exists a goddess, Aura, who appears as a Phoenix. The place where she used to reside, and commune with her followers, is called the Phoenix’ Nest.

This version of a Phoenix is a giant flaming bird who feeds on sacred trees. It consumes them like a fire would burn a mundane log. Technically, Aura can consume everything and feed on their essence, but she prefers the trees.

Endless has griffons and phoenixes in them. Basically they’re two types of “immortals”, with one set being “immortal” by being able to regenerate after death, and the other being able to live once, but for a long time (and to extend that life by stealing phoenixes’ life energy.)

I include phoenixes in my story. They are large birds with red, gold, and purple plumage and a crown of feathers on their head. They can set their wings on fire at will.
I also use the traditional aspects of the phoenixes, as in they burst into flames when they die to be reincarnated from their ash. However, they cannot reincarnate if they die from unnatural causes…
My phoenixes also live near a volcano in order to keep their inner heat alive. Their eggs are laid in the crater so the heat helps them to hatch.
I love phoenixes so much!

Yep… I got Phenixes, one of my main characters become the Phoenix Dragon King.

Phoenixes in my main work are a type of Dragon as you can see, exhibiting more bird-like features (the other dragon sub-species are bird like for a majority as well). Lying not only in the fire magic domain, but all 4 main elements and darkness and light - through some way or another their magic will make it hard to permanently kill them.

Like a Darkness Phoenix Dragon with a passive to hide in your shadow once “killed” then feeding off your very life until you’re dead… and It’s alive again.

Does having an old RP (roleplay) character who is a Phoenix as well as a Shape-Shifter and who I sadly don’t use anymore (unless it’s in a story) count?

If so, then yes.

With that being said, however:

Her name is Makenna Rose and she is a rather happy person who honestly doesn’t get angry with anything or even with anyone. In other words, she is a very loveable and great person to be around, more or less. As for her origins, they are unknown considering she is the mythical creature of flames and who rises every 1000 years or so from the ashes so as to be born again.

I was thinking of giving my MC a pet phoenix only he doesn’t know it’s a phoenix. It’s just a rather annoying bird that follows him around acting like a doofus dog. The bird would be based off the appearance of a Shoebill Stork. (google him they are funny as heck) They look a lot like the evolutionary connection between dinosaurs and birds. They are about a meter tall, and they Moo. That’s right they moo. LOL Normally they are silent stalking predators. However, this is a phoenix NOT a shoebill LOL he’s going to be goofy and loud and always wanting pettin’s and a snuggle. It’s only when shit goes south that my phoenix sits on my MC as if hatching an egg and heals him. That’s when my MC gets the Ahhaaa moment. After weeks of trying to get rid of the guy.

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