Pillow Fort Party


go luck someone e.e


( I want one)




It has DDDDx

@XSugarCookie_GirlX DDDDDDDDDx




I do with Vinvin all da time o.o




Want is not need >.<


but you guys have such good thing going on v.v and he’s your first work guy friend o.o


^-^ hehe


YESSSS that’s the nurse





Yeah but he no text me :tired_face: That and he’ll be going to ED a spot in ED opened


oh no Dx
nex friendship is also sinking Dx I’m so sad ;^;

whato you plan with the book then? ;^;


ik :sob:


Idk yet. Unless something changes it’s on hold. Cupid kinda started when I got the drift that he didn’t like me


cries with you guys


Want is not need. Want is a confidence booster. Want is someone to share my day with. Want is jealous of Juls and Travis


IM SOOO SAD :sob::sob: Panda will be so shookt :joy: she relly loves the ship o.o
wait. how’d you know he didn’t like you o~o


Juls and Travis

what’s their ship name o.o