Pillow Fort Party


JulVis o.o


true true >.<


i think tomorrow is a holiday here ;-;

so this is basically the last day of classes o.o

I won’t see my crush anymore either :sob::sob: I want just a glimpse >.<


Because there was no 100% sure flirting feeling I guess. And our last talk seemed off


Maybe because he knew he’d be leaving and didnt wanna get too attached


The more Juls talks about Travis and her the more I feel like I’m drowning.


tell more about crush o.o




Idk. I’m just sorta sad. I just want some one I like to like me the same way.





It’s okay. gives glass of tea


I see. So cutting all connections would make you feel more comfortable and easy to move forward ;^; I’d understand if that’s what you want to do then


I hate holidays because they make me feel so lonely. I found out my dad will have to leave on the 26 and I work the 25


I don’t know. I didn’t intentionally become his friend. When I feel like I trust people or get close is when I close up and move foward.


HE IS SUPER CUTE :joy: I keep on seeing him in the library. He’s a library assistant, I realised after :joy: and then… idk anything else about him o.o I just realised I started having this little crush when I keep on coming back to the library just to see him :joy: the only three things ik about him is

  1. He’s graduating, I think :thinking:
  2. He smells of laundry softener
  3. He has a really bouncy hair :joy:


Awwwwww. We found Love in a library! Is what I will call your love story


Well, believe it or not but you are his friend o.o the stories you tell me is what I’m getting at. and I honestly think he does have a little crush on you but Terry’s prolly right. He just doesn’t want to get too attached bc he’s the… career oriented type of person e.e :pensive:


okay :joy:
I actually want to write bits about it :joy:
not a story but like a book just about me meeting him :joy:


My hands feel tingly…


Which is funny. I’m the career oriented type of person too. I just wish I could have something I’ve never had before. My boss makes sure I aware of all cute guys in the unit.