Pillow Fort Party


Please do it!


we exchange stares too O.O and then I was being weird in the halls with a friend one time and bumped into a door which he was actually right behind it o.o so he was looking at me weirdly and I was just laughing and saying I was sorry :joy: multiple times.
then his in the rest room o.o


xD welp it’s nice you have crush


why o.o


I’m not sure, thats the problem :confused:


exactly! :joy: you are one.
I’m thinking he’s the type to really get attached and be clingy if in relationship o.o so he prolly doesn’t want to have anything further since it seems he’s set his mind since then that he’s to not have any relationships o.o
But you do! O.O you have us :sob: :broken_heart: something you’ve never had before :broken_heart::sob: or so I think :joy::joy:
then you’ll have something to look forward to o.o wait for more cute guys the boss will show you o.o


it won’t be a book… I think?
just thingos about my experience o.o and how having crush feels like… imoo :joy::joy:


ikkkk it’s been a while since I last squealed and giggled :joy: especially when we cross paths. ya know? :joy:


maybe it’s the cold o.o


I’m indoors lol

its not the cold


hmmm I wonder why then :thinking:


Thats what i was wondering o.o


mkay -wonders with you-


Yeah. I’m okay. I just don’t like realizing when things don’t work out. This is also a first for me to have people other than blood really care for me


B-but we care for you…


I get that xD

I haven’t been in a very lovey state in a long time because I’m so used to Vincent xD


I know


ik how that feels tho ;-; I mean, when I crush on someone… it’ll take years :joy: I got over my crush after years too o.o and I’m still kinda attached v.v the feeling of being lead on is the annoying part v.v


Vinvin should make you feel like squealing o.o


It’s been 3 years xD squealing is for the first stages of love and the chemical for the puppy love runs out after 3-4 years and then it starts getting replaced with the long term type of chemical for love which is what people in long term relationships have