Pillow Fort Party


I’ve only ever been lead on


my mom’s being weird e.e’
she posted smth on Facebook about her flying to another state. weirdddd. bc she’s at home and prolly just lying in bed e.e’


thats true :joy: but it’s soooo fun! :joy:
long distance relationship is difficult, huh v.v but joy is managing well o.o that’s good o.o


-pats back-
that’s okay ;-;


It makes me sad. I watch my friend get in and out of relationships so quick. Experiencing things I never do. I don’t need a man and have never needed one. I just want to experience it. I though I had it right this time. But I guess not. I’ll continue to grow


xD I think I am at least




It’s not even the physical part I’m after. It’s more the friendship texting late night and hugs.


-hugs tight-
you’ll be okay. there’ll be someone someday, I’m sure. I mean, I am gonna go to your wedding one day o.o

I guess I’m in a better situation than you then. bc i, too, see my friends go in and out of it for years but it just sometimes doesn’t interest me. like it’s actually kinda scary to be committed o.o so experience, I guess one day o.o rn, I’m good with crushes and puppy love :joy: it breaks my heart but oh well.


I agree o.o Voy ftw!


I miss him ; - ; I haven’t seen him in a year


I only get this way when I get close to a guy. But I’m okay. Because I refuse to be a princess when I’m a goddess. I didn’t need any boys tonight when I saved and helped that resident. I didn’t need someone holding my hand as I did that.


will he surprise visit you on your bday? o.o


well it’s a surprise, so you wouldn’t know :thinking:


that’s awesome!
yeah I read about the resident. you were really reliable.


It made me feel good. Plus I will always have my Mellon. We just haven’t met Mr.Right’s yet


He’s not allowed to surprise me since I need to tell my parents that he’s gonna be living with us

He’s broke at the moment sine he just moved into a new place and just visited the philipines already

He said he’s gonna come this summer


Voy Stories


xD there’s always some


it would made me feel good too :joy: it’ll make me feel very dependable o.o since I rarely am v.v
agreed o.o