Pillow Fort Party


lmao i remember that show.


how have you been?
I missed your btw T^T you and panda have been mia v.v


tired and yea srry i havent been on alot


oh that’s fine! I wasnt here for a while either. I just missed you the day I came back ;-;


Tylu isn’t on much either :thinking:


Tylu prefers discord apparently :shrug:


yea he’s abandoned us


there’s a discord? :thinking:

well whatever. I tried doing discord ages ago but can’t seem to find a way to utilise it. >.< I’m a loser ik


I can see that ;-;


but he sends me ask.fm questions every now and then o.o’


No we dont have a discord channel he just likes discord better than the threads


im so glad i found that cartoon


oh o.o so he chats to other ppl who’s not from here over at discord? o.o

how come you know this thoo :joy:


courage the cowardly?
I think that’s right :thinking:


he told us


that makes sense ;-;

Tyler doesn’t like us anymore v.v


He told me when i asked him why he doesnt come here that much


Courage the Cowardly Dog!

I loved that show.

Except for King Ramsey. He gave me fuckin nightmares when I was a kid




Retuuurn the maaaaask