Pillow Fort Party


Oh. I presume you mean stale as in uninteresting?




Well i hope it gets better later.


Some boy and this blonde bimbo were breaching about already getting into the Nursing program. He laughs and makes fun of people for asking questions. So him trying to be rude and funny asked if we had study group today. So I snapped back and said Yeah actually we did.




lmao XD

best sass 10/10


peeks in


Yes. I also got 18/21 on my test




Hi! How’s it been?


Oh hello


high fives




Does anybody here have a discord? I’ve been chatting on Discord more recently and I can never jump back and forth between Discord and Wattpad at the same time. I really do miss you guys sometimes though and it’d be great if I can talk to you guys more often. I know I’m being kind of a prick by asking this but I just really don’t want to lose permanent contact with you guys.






Busy. School work


I do

gimme your discord name and I’ll DM you


Ok. Understand.


Is that your accounts name?

Says it doesnt exist