Pitch-Perfect: Rate your Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch? Well, imagine you only have an elevator ride to get someone interested in your book.

So, give me your best 1-sentence pitch. In fact, there is a twitter contest by the name of pitch madness, where writers post their pitch on twitter to try to attract potential agents, so lets make these twitter worthy, 140 characters or less.

Still not quite sure what an elevator pitch is? Check out this thread: How do you write that catchy one line 'elevator pitches' Just note that this also considers the 2-3 scentence version of the elevator pitch, while we’re looking at snappy one-liners


  1. Rate the person above you on a scale from 1 to 10, and give constructive criticism.
  2. Post your own pitch, less than 140 characters (I’m not counting your individual letters, just don’t post a paragraph)
  3. You can edit your pitch and post it again, if you want more feedback, just make sure you continue critiquing the person above you.
  4. Be respectful, writing a pitch is very different from writing prose, and it’s a skill most people haven’t practiced.

I’ll stick my own example here to start us off:

Accused of murder-by-nightmare, dream-eater Lucid is caught between hunters, witches, and his own broken past in the race for the truth

8/10. I want to know more, but I’m not dying to learn more. I feel like I want to know about Lucid, not his struggle. But that’s literally me. I like character books with interesting characters. Also, maybe genre tags? Not sure if that’s applicable for this, but it might make a little more sense if there’s anything beyond fantasy or paranormal.

Stella always thought she was free of enemies, until she looked in the mirror.


It’s a good hook but it isn’t a great elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is meant to tell you

  1. Who the story is about
  2. Something about them/ what happens to them to make them interesting
  3. What the story is about
  4. The stakes.

I only know who Stella is. I’m intrigued, but you haven’t given me a premise. You’ve given me a compelling first sentence.

Skylar, a deceased high schooler, has to cope with her death an navigate the afterlife to stay with her true love.