Pitmad is tomorrow!


This is a friendly reminder for anyone who was thinking of doing pitmad that it’s tomorrow, June 7th!

I won’t be entering for real since I never got my synopsis for Guardian of Calandria to a point I feel its ready to query (never mind I don’t even have a query letter) but i gave my twitter followers a heads up I’ll be doing practice pitches sans hashtags. Not sure yet if I’ll put actual thought into the pitches or just try the first ones that come to mind, but practice helps a lot.

So are you doing pitmad? If so, good luck!



Thanks I posted in the other club as well and will definitely push my latest “masterpiece”. ROFL Am I following you on Twitter yet? need to check


Just tweeted my first pitch :slight_smile:


I have no idea who is following me on twitter LOL I haven’t really advertised it much aside from linking it to my profile, that’s about it.

Good luck!


Had my own pitch liked. Who knew Gothic Cyborg fiction would actually have a shot.


Just be sure to research the person who liked your pitch before you submit. There are unfortunately a lot of scammers who prey on pitmad pitches. So make sure they’re someone who is legit and you’d want to work with them.

Outside of that, congratulations!


Thanks! I actually got a like with my second pitch. Looked into the agent and agency. Seems legit. So that’s cool!


Thanks for the reminder. This came up on me fast. I did another Twitter pitch session and used the pitches at RT recently> It really helps to practice. Might have to check out PitMad today. Thank you!


First report of a potentially bogus agent, at least that I’ve seen, is in. Since I’m at work, I haven’t been able to properly stalk the feed to see if theres more. If you got a like from a Michelle Lowe, please tread carefully. People are saying they can find no proof of her agency and that her profile pic is taken from someone else.

So please, research any and all likes! While pitch contests like these are great opportunities for aspiring writers, they are also prime targets of trolls and scams.


Anyone get any bites?


I don’t love to do pitmad but I’m too scared and I wouldn’t know how to do it :sweat_smile:

Is it on Twitter? I’m confused :sob:


Yes, it’s a twitter pitch party. You send out three tweets on a designated day about your manuscript, if an editor / agent likes your tweet, they’re requesting you query it.


Oh ok, I get it now. Thanks for explaining it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I took the plunge and joined this round of PitMad. Two pitches got zero clicks, while one tweet got 5 legit hearts! :exploding_head: Of the five agents/editors, I queried two. These are my very first queries, so I’m not expecting much to come out of it this time. Hoping for at least a little snippet of feedback so I can make any necessary changes. The wait is agonizing :sweat_smile:


Omg, that’s amazing, Cate!


That is awesome! Congratulations! Here’s hoping one of them comes back positively.


Thank you both!! Fingers are crossed!