Pitmad Pitches for December 6th


That one is definitely better :slight_smile:


I having a problem with the word “determine.” The man has already been determined guilty otherwise he wouldn’t be a condemned inmate.


Aren’t there always questions of guilt when someone is convicted but proclaims his innocence?


But the pitch says “to determine his guilt” not “to determine if the man is guilty” or “was falsely convicted.”


Yeah, I can see your point.


I learned something at this PitMad event …no erotic agents participate. :joy::joy:

I did get a hit for my New Adult Fantasy though.


My death penalty story was liked by a steamy romance publisher :joy::joy:


Haha, interesting. One agent liked my fantasy romance, but her profile said not accepting romance. 🤷

I did get a hit on my steamy romance finally, but from a new small publisher.


Don’t dismiss the small publishers. They will give you good attention - if they are established.What you don’t want is an outfit with no track record


But also check their distribution, editing, marketing, and so on. Don’t go with a small publisher who can’t do more for you than you can do by self publishing.


Ya, I hear ya. I’m currently with a small publisher from the UK. :slight_smile:

But the one that liked my tweet still has a GoFundMe fundraiser for start-up costs, etc, and is absolutely brand new. No history or track record yet.


Okay, that’s what I meant. That’s - really small. As @XimeraGrey says there needs to be a bit of a track record (what I meant by established). There needs to be a benefit, otherwise you are better off on your own



Have either of you heard anything about “The Rights Factory”? One of my other stories was liked by a junior agent from their company.


Canadian agency. I’m not familiar with them or their agents, but it looks like they’ve been around a while.


Thanks :slight_smile: I tried to read the article on Absolutewrite about them, but can’t seem to create an account to read it.


Oh bummer! AbsoluteWrite is a good place to be a member.

Let me check it for you…

Oh. Wow. 20 pages, and it’s not complimentary. Oy. I don’t think they’re scammers, but they don’t seem skilled either. You might want to give them a miss.


I’ll be working tonight and into tomorrow, so I’ll be skipping this one yet again.


Thanks for checking :slight_smile: I ran across one author who shared her experience online, but it was from 4 years ago. Haven’t been able to find anything more recent though.


The thread actually doesn’t have anything super recent. There’s one post in 2017 and a LOT in 2016. The people they were complaining about, though, are still with the agency. I expect if you can get your account created and asked on the thread, you’d find they’re still looked at warily.