PitMad tomorrow, Sept 6.

PitMad is tomorrow!

All the details here: http://pitchwars.org/pitmad/

TLDR: it’s a pitch party on twitter to pitch your completed manuscript to agents and editors. (Please read the link for the rules)

Anyone entering?



Woot, woot! I’ll be participating just to see if the market for YA historical fiction has changed from last year.

I’m thinking not really, but why not try? i’ll be traveling for half the day on a bus, so I have time.

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Good luck everyone participating! :smile:

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Very true! You never know unless you try. I was thinking about not putting Awaken up again, but I’m going to anyways. If it’s no requests, no worries, but if someone does request, that’s great!

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Everybody happy with their pitches? I can have a look if you want to? I get quite a few bites from my queries and pitches. Now, all I have to do is translate that into contracts (okay, for one novel I managed. Now, I’m trying to flog the second one).

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